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Weekly News on Hotspots(September 10, 2021)
2021-09-10 13:53:54
NEV Industry
Zeeker Power formally released the new energy vehicle models
On August 29, ZEEKR Power, a sub-brand of Zeeker, made it debut. The person in charge of the company released a user-oriented full-scenario charging strategy. The main points include: self-developed high-power full-system liquid-cooled charging technology (liquid-cooled rectifier, liquid-cooled gun line), forward-looking HPC layout based on user thinking, and plug-and-play charging, self-operated and self-built charging network, and building benchmark charging map etc..
Audi will complete the transformation of electrification within 12 years 
A few days ago, the Audi Group announced a new global strategy-"Vorsprung 2030". In the next 12 years, Audi will complete its full electrification transformation. By 2026, all products launched under the Audi brand for the global market will be pure electric models; by 2033, Audi will gradually stop the production of internal combustion engines.
GAC Aion released the super charging technologies and A480 super charger
On August 30, GAC Aion held an online press conference and released the super-charging battery technology and the A480 super-charging pile that can achieve “5 minutes of charging and 200 kilometers of range”.
Lincoln released its program for electrification and will launch electric Aviator car
Some overseas media have exposed Lincoln’s new car program. Of which, the electric Aviator model will be launched in 2023. In addition, foreign medias also reported that the Voyager model will be discontinued in 2023 (not verified in China). In addition, the first Lincoln brand Electric models will be unveiled in 2022.
The new DS architecture will only produce electric vehicles since 2024 
Recently, overseas media reported that DS will only produce pure electric models from 2024. At the same time, the first pure electric model based on the new STLA MEDIUM platform will be launched in 2024. 
ICV Industry
Chengdu Auto Show: Intelligent heat cooling, focusing on functional upgrades, with less substantial innovation
Comparing with the Shanghai Auto Show, the intelligence of the Chengdu Auto Show has significantly cooled down. Most of the new cars of various companies have appeared at the Shanghai Auto Show. Some models have been promoted in multiple rounds. The models exhibited at the Chengdu Auto Show had been upgraded old models and not new models displayed.
NIO released the name of new intelligent operating system and NIO 0S 3.0.0 system
On August 31, NIO released a new naming system for intelligent operating systems. It differentiated the operating systems of different platform models. At the same time, the intelligent operating system NIO OS 3.0.0 was released and pushed to improve the safety of intelligent driving functions from the perspective of UI design and NIO Pilot function adjustment.
Volvo will be equipped with Lidar and high computing power computing units in pure electric models
On August 29, Volvo announced that it will use many new systems on the next generation of electric vehicles, such as Lidar, chip, and upgrade driving assistant systems such as Highway Pilot etc..
Toyota will launch new operating system and enlarge the coverage of OTA 
Toyota will launch the new Arene operating system within five years and expand the OTA upgrade function to more models. OTA function can bring faster function iteration to products and enrich product functions. It is expected to enhance the market attractiveness of Toyota products. However, at present, the Lexus brand will be the first to be applied. And it is expected that Toyota brand models will take some time to cover a large area.
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