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Weekly News on Hottopics(August 13,2021)
2021-08-13 14:55:03

NEV Industry

XPENG starts to build the plant in Wuhan
On July 31, XPENG announced the formal launch of its third-generation smart platform in Wuhan Economic Development Zone. The plant occupies an area of about 1,000,500 m2, with a designed production capacity of 100,000 units, and an annual output value of more than Rmb 30 billion yuan.
Volkswagen will change its electric vehicle marketing model in China
A few days ago, Volkswagen Group said that the group must change the sales model of electric vehicles in the Chinese market according to local conditions. The ID series implements an "Agent system", orders are placed through the official website, and then the products will be shipped to offline stores and or delivery center.
Deliveries of new auto enterprises in July
Recently, Nio, XPENG, and Lixiang had announced the deliveries of new cars in July 2021. From the ranking, the monthly delivery of Lixiang cars had exceeded 8,000 units for the first time, ranking the first among the sales of new auto enterprises. XPENG followed closely and Nio did not achieve the targets in July, delivering a total of 7,931 new cars and ranking the third position.
Th Big 3 auto enterprises in USA hope to improve their sales of EVs to 50% by 2030
The three major automakers in Detroit, the United States, announced that by 2030, 40%-50% of their models will be electric vehicles. Stellantis said that by 2030, more than 40% of cars will achieve low emissions. General Motors hopes to stop sales of gasoline vehicles by 2035 and focus on sales of pure electric vehicles. Ford will improve the share of pure electric vehicles in its total sales to 40% by 2030.
Geely and Rohm form a partnership to use silicon carbide technology to increase the ranges of electric vehicles
A few days ago, Geely and the world-renowned semiconductor maker Rohm Semiconductor  announced the deepening of cooperation. Geely will use Rohm’s advanced power solutions with silicon carbide as the core to develop high-efficiency electronic control systems and on-board charging systems to extend the range of electric vehicles, reduce battery costs and shorten charging times.
ICV Industry
Horizon releases a variety of new products focusing on high computing power and comprehensive functions
On July 29, Horizon released the Central Computing Chip Journey 5, a series of products such as TogetherOS. It is a real-time vehicle operating system based on a secure microkernel architecture, and the company announced mass production and application programs.
Neusoft Reach announces the launch of a new generation of central computing platform for autonomous driving to enrich the domestic computing platform product lineup
Neusoft Reach announced the launch of a new generation of autonomous driving central computing platform. It can provide L3/L4 (conditional) autonomous driving functions. So far, four domestic companies, Huawei, Horizon, SemiDrive and Neusoft Reach, had announced the launch of computing platform products
OPPO signed contract with SAIC to jointly build infotainment new ecology
On August 5, OPPO and SAIC Group formally signed a strategic cooperation agreement. The two parties will give full play to their respective leading advantages in the field of smart terminals and automobiles. They will jointly explore research and application in the fields of SOA application service, ecological domain integration, and infotainment interconnection, and work together to create a win-win and shared future smart car ecosystem.
BYD Semiconductor enters the field of display screen 
On August 5, BYD Semiconductor officially announced that its first batch of customized LED screen for autonomous driving vehicle had been delivered. They will be used on BYD’s autonomous driving L4 low-speed intelligent commercial vehicles.
Baidu Apollo released the self-driving Apollo II mini bus
On August 5, Baidu Apollo released a new generation of self-driving minibuses-Apollo II. The new bus has the same autonomous driving capabilities as Robotaxi and a more advanced smart cockpit experience. In the future, Baidu Apollo will be committed to building Apollo II into a mobile space in the smart era, providing customized smart mobile services for public mobility, mobile police, health management and other scenarios.
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