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Weekly News on Hotspot(July 30, 2021)
2021-07-30 23:20:29

NEV Industry

Ford adds 5 direct-selling electric car city stores 
Ford has accelerated the launch of its exclusive direct sales network for  Mustang Mach-E models, opening its first city stores in Beijing, Chengdu, Qingdao, Shenzhen, and Dongguan at the same time. So far, Ford's electric vehicle division has opened nine city stores, covering the core new energy user areas in East China, North China, South China, and Southwest China. Nearly half of the program to open stores in 23 cities across the country by 2021 has been completed.
Mercedes-Benz will achieve full electrification in 2023
On July 22, Mercedes-Benz's electrification strategy was upgraded again. The corporate strategy will shift from “electricity first” to “full electrification”. The goal is to provide pure electric models for all market segments in 2022. In 2025, the sales of pure electric and plug-in hybrid models will account for 50%, All models will be launched in pure electric versions, and it is programmed to achieve full electrification in 2030 and only sell pure electric vehicle models..
WM released its strategic program for the latter half of 2021 
A few days ago, the WM brand formally announced its strategic program for the second half of the year. The new super-elliptical LOGO under the dual LOGO strategy will be released for the first time. WM’s first pure electric car is also programmed to be unveiled in 2021.
Auto companies have successively defined new energy sales targets in 2025
Recently, under implementation of the strategies of Green Carbon Neutrality and Emission Peak  targets and dual-credit,  automobile companies such as FAW, GAC, Great Wall Motor and other automakers have set new energy sales targets for 2025, demonstrating their determination to accelerate transformation.
Faraday Future completed the funds raising of USD 1 billion 
On July 22, Faraday Future has completed the merger transaction with Property Solutions Acquisition Corp. (NASDAQ: PSAC). The merged company was renamed "Faraday Future Intelligent Electric Inc." and  began trading on the Nasdaq exchange.
ICV Industry
The pre-sales of XPENG P5 formally started 
XPENG announced the pre-sale price range and configuration information of the XPENG P5. The subsidized pre-sale price is Rmb160,000 to Rmb 230,000 yuan. Of which, the high-end version of the P-series models will use Lidar, and the new car will be formally launched in September.
Leap Motor announced its 2.0 strategy to accelerate the layout in self-driving technologies 
On July 15, Leap Motor released its 2.0 strategy, announcing that it will launch 8 new car models in the next five years and make programs for the application of intelligent connected technology.
Tesla formally launched the FSD monthly subscription service, enriching the software service mode and lowering the requirements for use
On July 18, Tesla launched a monthly subscription service for Fully Autonomous Driving (FSD) in overseas markets. It has determined three fee standards for different types of users, with a minimum of USD 99. Comparing with the previous one-time purchase of optional packages.The charging mode has greatly reduced the threshold for use. At present, Tesla has not released relevant information in China.
NXP and SAIC Zero to One signed a strategic cooperation memorandum
On July 22, NXP Semiconductors and SAIC Lingshu formally signed a strategic cooperation memorandum. According to the agreement, NXP and SAIC Zero to One will establish a joint innovation laboratory to use it as a carrier to carry out the definition and research and development of a new generation of electronic architecture, and to explore a new generation of centralized electronic architecture application solutions.
The applications of Hyundai Kia and Baidu's Apollo strategic results had started
On July 22, Hyundai-Kia stated that it is actively responding to the in-depth cooperation with Baidu, and continuously accelerating the development and application of cooperation in the intelligent upgrade of automobiles and the digital transformation of brands. It can realize the zero-distance intelligent interconnection of "people, cars and homes".
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