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Weekly News on Hottopics (December 31,2020)
2020-12-31 14:44:20

Development Environment

NDRC and MOC issued the Market Access Negative List (2020 Edition)
On December 10, the National Development and Reform Commission and the Ministry of Commerce issued the Market Access Negative List (2020 Edition). The revision of the list is conducive to further relaxing access restrictions, achieving equal access, promoting a better integration of effective markets and promising governments, and accelerating the formation of an efficient, standardized, and fair competition unified market.
MIIT issued adjustments on relevant requirements for the access of methanol automotive products
On December 15, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology issued the Notice on Adjusting the Relevant Requirements for the Access of Methanol Automobile Products. Regarding the product application requirements, the notice stipulates: Enterprises should choose the corresponding vehicle type of methanol automobile products for application, and the product name should include "Methanol". Methanol automobile products should meet the requirements of the Access Review Requirements for Road Motor Vehicle Products (List No. 1, 2019), and the Guiding Opinions of the Eight Departments on the Application of Methanol Vehicles in Certain Regions (Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, 2019 No. 61)etc.. 
Wuhan will cancel restrictions on operation of pickups since December 21 
From December 21, 2020, Wuhan will cancel the restrictions on the operation of pickups (officially names as multi--purpose trucks) in many roads of Wuhan, with the validity period of 5 years.
Xi’an issued new measures to promote market consumption
Several Measures of Xi'an to Promote Market Consumption in Response to the Impact of the Epidemic was formally issued and implemented. These include: encouraging the consumption of new energy vehicles, extending the providing of new energy vehicle purchase subsidy and exemption of purchase tax policies until the end of 2022; speeding up the elimination and updating of high-emission old vehicles, and timely implementation of government subsidies for replacing of eligible high-emission old vehicles; canceling the restrictions on the removal of second-hand vehicles and promoting faster circulation of second-hand vehicles; supporting auto sales companies to use E-commerce to innovate auto sales models, and guiding them to adopt new retail methods such as online selection, the purchase contract, and "Internet live broadcast + door-to-door trial driving"; encouraging the upgrading of rural vehicle consumption, organizing and carrying out sales promotion activities for automobiles in rural areas, and optimizing new car registration services.
Five forecasts on Chinese passenger vehicle market
In 2021, China's passenger car market will end negative growth and usher in new development opportunities:1.Passenger car sales in 2021 are expected to increase by about 7%, with terminal sales exceeding 21 million units. (2) The new energy market has passed the adjustment period and is expected to grow by 40% in 2021 and sales will reach about 1.5 million. (3) Luxury brand sales are rising steadily and are expected to achieve a growth of about 10% in 2021. (4) In 2021, the replacement of the passenger vehicles will account for more than 50% of the total sales, and the scale will reach 14.22 million. (5) The second-hand car market is expected to grow by 15%, achieving a volume of 17 million. 
NEV Industry
Shanghai will boost the building of charging piles 
The Shanghai municipal government proposed in the 14th Five-Year Plan and the 2035 Long-Term Goals that the city will give priorities to the building of strong energy-saving and environment protection industry and strengthen the optimization of energy structure and comprehensively promote new energy vehicles in the public sector, promote the construction of charging piles, power stations, and hydrogen refueling stations, advocate low-carbon and green mobility, and accelerate the construction of a green transportation system compatible with mega-cities.
Hainan will accelerate the promotion of new energy vehicles
On December 4, the Hainan provincial government issued the 14th Five-Year Plan and the 2035 Long-term Goals. They proposed that: To comprehensively improve the utilization efficiency of energy resources, implement dual control of total energy consumption and total carbon emissions and intensity, to vigorously promote the green and low-carbon transformation of industry and energy and transportation structures, to increase the proportion of renewable energy, to speed up the promotion of new energy vehicles and make program for building of charging piles across the province, to promote green mobility and increase the share rate of motor mobility of public transportation.
Anhui will accelerate the development of new emerging industries
Anhui Province issued its 14th Five-Year Plan and the 2035 Long-Term Goals. They proposed that: To accelerate the development of ten emerging industries such as the new generation of artificial intelligence, new energy vehicles and intelligent connected vehicles; implement the New Infrastructure + action, to speed up the construction of the fifth generation mobile communications, industrial Internet, Big data centers, supercomputing centers, urban brains, and charging piles.
Hunan will improve the charging piles and battery swapping stations
Hunan issued the 14th Five-Year Plan and the 2035 Long-term Goal. They proposed the improvement of energy storage facilities, new energy vehicle charging piles, battery swapping stations, and I-VICS infrastructure.
The sales of new energy vehicles in rural areas are better than expected
According to preliminary statistics, the sales of new energy vehicles in rural areas in the past four months had exceeded 180,000 units. It had effectively promoted the development of new energy vehicles in China. In 2021, the promotion of new energy vehicles in rural areas will continue to be carried out nationwide, and will be further upgraded and improved on the basis of this year.
ICV Industry
Baoneng’s product program for 2021
Baoneng will launch two new car models in 2021: One is a luxurious BEV (pure electric vehicle) model, and the other is a REV (extended-range electric vehicle) model. In addition, there is a PHEV model under development, with a comprehensive cruising range of up to 1,000km.
XPENG formally enters Europe market
XPENG delivered the first batch of SUVs (100 G3) in Norway and formally entered the European auto market. After that, XPENG will also launch this model to other major European electric vehicle markets in 2021.
CATL invests in building new energy technology company
On December 16, Fujian Hongda Times New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. was established with a registered capital of Rmb 30 million yuan. The business scope includes: The sales of charging piles; the sales of pneumatic power machinery and components; the sales of special plug-in hybrid engines; the sales of new energy vehicle production and testing equipment; and the research and development of emerging energy technologies, etc.. Of which, CATL holds 26% and is the second largest shareholder.
BYD’ Fudi company will start business independently 
Fudi Industrial Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of BYD, was established with a registered capital of Rmb 500 million yuan. The new company's business scope includes goods import and export, technology import and export, battery manufacturing, battery sales, and development of artificial intelligence application software etc.. This means that the company may be completely independent and develop towards a standardized automotive supplier. 
GAC will start the trial production of graphene batteries
GAC stated that the company's graphene battery research and development work is continuing, and related graphene technology has been patented (covering many technical fields such as graphene preparation, supercapacitors, and fast charging batteries). It is expected that this technology will be tested on vehicle at the end of this year.
Great Wall Motor released its DHT technology
Great Wall Motor had formally released the Lemon hybrid DHT technology. This system includes three sets of powertrains, covering 1.5L+DHT100, 1.5T+DHT130, 1.5T+DHT130+P4 and HEV and PHEV solutions. In the future, it will cover compact to medium-to-large models and apply it to all models of Great Wall Motor. 
FAW and Renesas will jointly develop electric vehicles and autonomous driving technologies
Renesas Electronics and FAW Group had established a joint laboratory in Changchun. It will use digital chips of Renesas, such as RH850 MCU, R-Car SoC, power devices and PMICs to provide FAW with integrated product solutions meeting the requirements of functional safety and information safety etc.. And Renesas will participate in the development of controller platform of FAW Hongqi.
Chery will use Huawei technologies in intelligent configuration
On December 16, Chery and Huawei signed a framework agreement for comprehensive cooperation. The two parties will cooperate in the fields of smart auto electronic and electrical architecture, smart connecting, smart cockpit, in-vehicle computing and autonomous driving, smart energy, and smart auto Cloud services, etc.; and they will jointly study and explore 5G innovative application scenes and conduct cooperation in 5G+V2X, IVICS and autonomous driving.
Pony.ai gets the license for test of autonomous-driving truck
On December 17, Pony.ai announced that it had got the first test license for self-driving truck from Guangzhou City and was allowed to carry out the public road tests. Pony.ai’s self-driving trucnk technology test includes a number of complex scene test projects, such as traffic signal recognition and response, avoiding, following, merging, overtaking, emergency parking, crossing and roundabout traffic.
JD Logistics and Nvidia start cooperation in developing smart express vehicles
JD Logistics and Nvidia will cooperate to build Changshu, Jiangsu the world's first "Smart distribution city". It is reported that the vehicle using Jetson AGX Xavier, high-resolution cameras and Lidar, JDL Jingdong Logistics smart express vehicles can recognize pedestrians, vehicles, traffic lights and other objects in real time, and change driving routes according to the environment to ensure traffic safety.
Baidu Apollo self-driving car get the test licenses in Beijing 
On December 4, the Beijing Autonomous Driving Test Management Joint Working Group issued the first batch of 5 self-driving road test (phase 1) licenses to Baidu Apollo. This is the first time that Beijing allows manufacture to conduct unmanned autonomous driving tests on public roads.
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