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Weekly News on Hottopics (November 13,2020)
2020-11-13 14:03:24

 Development Environment

The Detailed Rules for providing Subsidies to Auto Consumption in Haikou was released 
In order to stimulate the growth of auto consumption, Haikou City issued Detailed Rules for providing Auto Consumption Subsidies. It proposes that the government will provide subsidies for automobile consumption in Haikou during November 5 to December 31, 2020 (subject to the time of the purchase on automobile invoice). The subsidy beneficiaries are buyers who purchased fuel and new energy passenger vehicles (including cars with 7 seats and excluding pickup trucks and commercial vehicles) from auto sales enterprise in Haikou and the vehicles should be registered in Haikou during the period; the subsidy standard is Rmb 3,000 per private passenger car.
The growth rate of CPI in October continued to fall and the decline rate of PPI was the same as last month
In October, the national CPI rose 0.5% year-on-year. Of which, urban prices rose by 0.5%, rural areas rose by 0.4%; food prices rose by 2.2%, non-food prices remained flat; consumer goods prices rose 0.6%, and service prices rose by 0.3%. From January to October, CPI rose 3.0% comparing with that of the same period of prior year.
In October, the PPI fell by 2.1% year-on-year and remained unchanged from the previous month; the purchasing prices of industrial producers declined by 2.4% comparing with that of the same period of previous year and rose 0.2% from the prior month. From January to October, the average PPI fell by 2.0% comparing with that of the same period last year, and the purchase price of industrial producers fell by 2.6%.
The sales of passenger vehicles is increasing again, and the proportion of SUVs/MPVs is also improving
In October 2020, the number of buying intention for passenger vehicles increased by 12.8% from last month, with growth rate of 6.2 percentage points comparing with that of the prior month. Of which, the intentions for the purchases of cars, SUVs, and MPVs accounted for 52.2%, 44.0%, and 3.8% respectively in total. The proportion of purchase intentions for cars decreased by 0.6% compared with that of the previous month, and the share continued to decline. The proportion of SUV users' intentions continued to rise, up 0.4% from last month. The proportion of users' intentions in the MPV market had continued to improve since July, with an increase of 0.2% in October comparing with that of the previous month.
The recalls of automobiles reached 145,000 units in October
In October, the recalls of automobiles in home reached 144,600 units (23 brands), decreasing by 87.89% comparing with that of the same month of previous year and declining 21.55% from September. A total of 4.47 million vehicles were recalled from January to October, and the expected total recalls of automobiles in 2020 will not exceed 5 million units.
EV Industry
Xinxiang will phase out 14,344 diesel trucks with emissions not meeting the requirements of national stage-IV standard  
According to the requirements, Xinxiang City will eliminate the use of 14,344 diesel trucks with emissions not meeting the requirements of the national stage-IV standard. Before the end of 2020, Xinxiang City should complete the scrapping of 70% vehicles above-mentioned, and complete the scrapping of remaining 30% in 2021. 
The profits of large industry enterprises in home declined in the first three quarters declined 2.4%
In the first three quarters of 2020, the large industrial enterprises in home achieved a total profits of Rmb 4.37 trillion yuan, a decrease of 2.4% comparing with that of the same period of previous year. And the rate of decline narrowed by 2.0 percentage points comparing with that of January to August. Of which,the auto manufacturing industry increased by 3.0%. 
China’s Manufacturing Purchasing Manager Index (PMI) in October was 51.4%
In October, China’s Manufacturing Purchasing Manager Index (PMI) was 51.4%, a slight decrease of 0.1 percentage point from the previous month, but it has been continuously above the threshold since March. It indicates that the overall manufacturing industry has continued to be improved. Of which, the production index was 53.9%, 0.1 percentage point lower than that of the previous month, but it was still higher than the threshold. It indicates that the production of manufacturing industry continued to grow. The new order index was 52.8%, keeping the same as that of last month. It indicates that the demands of manufacturing industry market remained stable.
China auto dealers’ inventory warning index in October 
According to data released by the China Automobile Dealers Association, the inventory warning index of auto dealers in October was 54.1%, an increase of 0.1 percentage point from the previous month and a decrease of 8.3 percentage points comparing with that of the same period of last year. The inventory warning index was above the line of prosperity and decline. Since 2020, the dealer inventory warning index has been above the line of prosperity for 9 consecutive months.
CAAM: The sales of passenger vehicles in the early and mid October reached 925,000 units
According to statistics of CAAM, in early and mid October, the production and sales of 11 key enterprises reached 1.22 million units and 1.03 million units, up 6.9% and down 3.9% respectively comparing with those of the same period of previous year. Of which, the production and sales of passenger vehicles amounted to 1.04 million units and 925,000 units, up 2.8% and down 5.3% respectively comparing with those of the same period of previous year. The production and sales of commercial vehicles reached 176,000 units and 101,000 units, up 40% and 11.5% respectively.
ICV Industry
Yinchuan issued the first batch of licenses for road tests for autonomous driving 
On November 2, the Yinchuan Municipal Government issued licenses for road tests and demonstration applications of seven autonomous vehicles from four companies, BIDU, Yuntu, HAYLION, and Incept Technology, and opened an experience route at the same time.
Hunan (Changsha) National Internet of Vehicle Pilot Zone formally starts business 
On November 3, the Hunan (Changsha) National Internet of Vehicles Pilot Zone formally started business. The main tasks and goals of the pilot zone are: To deploy a cellular Internet of Vehicles C-V2X network on key highways and urban roads, to complete the transformation of the Internet of Vehicles function of the key regional transportation facilities and the improvement of the core system capabilities combining with the 5G and smart city construction, to drive the large-scale deployment of the entire road network.
Chinese-made L4 autonomous driving vehicle starts the operation in Germany
On November 7, TüV and Neolix signed a strategic cooperation agreement and jointly released phased certification of China’s first L4 autonomous driving vehicle that applied for the German exemption certification. According to the agreement, the two parties will strengthen their cooperation in the fields of software and hardware for autonomous driving, vehicle communication, battery swapping system, scene simulation and data evaluation, Big data, intelligent system data, privacy and security, and even research and development and verification test for the entire value chain 
Pony.ai and China FAW will jointly build a mass-produced autonomous driving system
On November 3, Pony.ai announced that it has reached an agreement with China FAW. The two parties will carry out in-depth cooperation in the field of autonomous driving technology.They will integrate advanced autonomous driving systems with advanced vehicle platforms to jointly explore the mass production of pre-assembled L4 systems and their commercial operation mode.
XPENG released its intelligent data report 
XPENG had released its the 2020 "Intelligent Data Report". The report shows the characteristics of purchasers of XPENG, the use of autonomous driving assistance and intelligent voice, and the highest utilization rate of vehicle owners. It shows that users’ acceptance on intelligent ability of the intelligent vehicles is improving.
Qianxun SI announced the phased results of the world's largest high-precision positioning road test
On November 4, Qianxun SI announced that its road test team has conducted the tests on urban expressways in nearly half of the country, including Beijing, Shanghai, Wuhan, Hangzhou, Chongqing, Kunming, Chengdu, Changchun, Guangzhou, Xi'an, and Lanzhou etc. and G15, G40, G42, and G50 highways etc., with accumulated ranges of more than 90,000 kilometers.
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