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Weekly News on Hotspots(October 9, 2020)
2020-10-09 13:42:50

Development Environment

17 group standards for auto after-market had been released to regulate the development of industry
On September 25, the China Automotive Maintenance and Repair Trades Association issued 17 group standards including the Automotive Repair Parts Certification Management Rules, and  started the establishment of other 8 standards (such as the New Energy Vehicle Maintenance Skills Evaluation Rules etc..). The 17 group standards cover the fields of auto repairing parts certification, after-sales service for parallel imported autos, auto repair and rescue, requirements on the repairing skills for new energy vehicles, auto repair chain operations, technology requirements on auto emission pollution maintenance and treatment station (M station), and accident vehicle repair working hours measurement and automobile brake discs, automobile covering parts, automobile lighting and light signal devices etc..
Industrial profits increased steadily in August
In August, the total profit of large industrial enterprises nationwide was Rmb 612.81 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 19.1%, continuing a steady growth trend. From January to August, the total cumulative profits was Rmb 3.72 trillion yuan, a year-on-year decrease of 4.4%, and the decline rate narrowed by 3.7 percentage points from January to July. Of which, the total profits of the automobile manufacturing industry was Rmb 308.48 billion yuan, an increase of 1.5% year-on-year.
Investment continued to recover in the first 8 months
From January to August, the national investment in fixed assets (excluding rural households) fell by 0.3% comparing with that of the same period of previous year. Of which, investment in the information transmission industry increased by 18.4%; investment in manufacturing decreased by 8.1% year-on-year; investment in high-tech industries increased by 8.2% year-on-year; total planned investment in new projects increased by 12.1% year-on-year.
Global auto market in August: The sales of European counties, USA, and Japan declined constantly and China and India achieved growths
In August, the recovery of the global auto market began to show weakness. Data show that in Europe, the United States and Japan, auto sales in August all showed the downward trends, but sales in China and India bucked the trends and showed double-digit growths.
The total sales of natural gas heavy-duty trucks in the first 8 months exceeded 100,000 units
From January to August, the cumulative sales of domestic natural gas heavy-duty trucks reached 106,000 units, and the market structure of natural gas heavy-duty truck engines also changed greatly. From the perspective of displacement, high horsepower engines are still the popular models on the market. Of which, the sales of engines with the displacement of 13L accounted for 89.94% of the natural gas heavy truck engine market (reaching 95,000 units), occupying an absolute dominant position; the sales of engines with the displacements of 11-12L accounted for 6.75%, and the sales of engines with displacement below 11L accounted for only 3.31%.
NEV Industry
The first iFree concept SUV made its debut at Beijing Auto Show
At the Beijing Auto Show on September 26, the iFree concept SUV (mass production model)  was released. The model is positioned as a medium and large SUV. At the same time, iFree also  released innovative products and the forward-looking technologies such as ESSA's native intelligent electric architecture and 5G intelligent cockpit.
2020 Beiijing Auto Show: Great Wall Motor Ora Haomao GT made its debut
On September 26, the Ora Goodcat GT version made its public debut at the 2020 Beijing Auto Show. The new car is the first model under the Lemon Pure Electric Architecture + Coffee Smart Ecosystem, and it is also the first pure electric mass-produced performance version of Ora.
Nezha Eureka 03 concept car made its debut at Beijing Auto Show
At the 2020 Beijing Auto Show, the Nezha Eureka 03 concept car made its debut. The new car is positioned as a coupe, with a range of 800 kilometers, an acceleration from rest to 100 kilometers/h in less than 4 seconds, and achieves L4 automatic driving. In the future, Nezha will also launch three new models by 2022 based on HPC platform and HPA platform.
Skywell launched its first ET5 pure electric intelligent SUV
On September 28, Skywell announced that its first healthy and intelligent pure electric medium SUV (ET5), was formally launched. This model is equipped with a permanent magnet synchronous motor with a maximum power of 150kW and a maximum torque of 320N.m. The ternary lithium battery has a capacity of 72kWh. Skywell also released the service brand-"Heart and Sincere Service", and launched five lifetime free rights and interests commitments.
Evergrande will build plant in Nantong
On September 27, Yupeng Life Service (Jiangsu) Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Evergrande, announced that it will invest Rmb 10 billion to build a plant for new energies in Nantong of Jiangsu.
NEV Industry
QOROA announced new product program
On September 26, Qoros released the Qoros Milestone concept car and its corporate product program. It is estimated that by 2025, Qoros will have a comprehensive layout in car, SUVs and MPV products, while achieving coverage from traditional fuel vehicles to new energy vehicles, and from small vehicles to medium-sized vehicles. Of which, pure electric products will be built based on the new new energy technology platform xEV. It is reported that the platform has a high degree of scalability and can support a variety of powertrains such as pure electric (BEV), plug-in hybrid (PHEV), and extended range electric (REV) etc.
BAIC Penglong and Eastups will jointly create a demonstration project for the ladder utilization of power batteries
BAIC Penglong and Eastups will strengthen their cooperation in the areas of ladder utilization of power batteries, battery power exchange, photovoltaic, energy storage, and power backup etc.. At the same time, they will actively carry out the conversion of results based on battery multi-level safety technology and data analysis based on Big data technology and data conversion application, etc., and jointly explore and create a benchmark industrial model in the field of power battery recycling.
Zhejiang Xindong will invest Rmb 2 billion to build battery system plant in Lanxi
Sunwoda announced on September 24 that its holding subsidiary Zhejiang Xindong and Lanxi Economic Development Committee will jointly invest in the construction of the Zhejiang Xindong Energy Technology Co., Ltd.’s production base in Lanxi. The two parties intend to sign the Project Investment Agreement, the investments to the project will be about Rmb 2 billion yuan.
CATL and GLP form the assets management company 
On September 23, CATL signed a strategic cooperation agreement with GLP to form an asset management joint venture. The joint venture company holds, manages and operates CATL batteries and energy storage systems. It will promote the large scale application of new energies through green energy assets, and lower the threshold for logistics and transportation enterprises to use the new energy in large scale.
ICV Industry
The construction of the first closed high-speed testing ground for 5G intelligent connected and L4 autonomous driving in Southwest China was completed
On September 25, the construction of the IVICS Test Ground (intelligent highway project of Sichuan Transportation Investment Group) was formally completed. This is the first IVICS test field in the southwestern China and the first closed high-speed test ground for 5G intelligent connecting and L4 autonomous driving.
FAW and Neusoft jointly build innovation center
On September 24, China FAW and Neusoft Group signed a contract for the establishment of the China FAW Intelligent Connecting Development Institute & Neusoft Group Joint Innovation Center. The two parties reached a comprehensive cooperation in the field of new-generation vehicle software platforms for automobiles.
XPENG strengthened the exploring in intelligent mobility
At the 2020 Beijing Auto Show, XPENG displayed the first-generation of the ultra-low-flying car (Traveler T1). The car can fly at an ultra-low altitude of 5-25 meters. It has a new safety system, the autonomous driving, and multiple backup redundant systems. The model can also realize car-like driving mode, parking, vertical take-off and landing, two passenger seats, intelligent Interactive and low-altitude map navigation etc.。
BYD and Mogu Zhixing reached agreement for jointly developing autonomous driving
During the Beijing Auto Show period, BYD DiLink and Mogu Chelian formally signed a cooperation agreement. The two parties will cooperate in smart transportation, IVICS, and autonomous driving. It is reported that this cooperation will be conducted based on large scale and implementation. The two parties will initially realize more than 300 key traffic incident scenes on the first open 5G-based roads for IVICS in the country.
Lixiang, NVIDIA, and Desay EV reached strategic cooperation agreement 
On September 22, Lixiang announced in Beijing that it had signed a strategic cooperation agreement with NVIDIA and Desay SV. The second product of Lixiang will be equipped with NVIDIA chips and it will cooperate with Desay SV to develop driving-assisting software.
Huawei launched new MDC to support L4 autonomous driving
On September 25, Huawei released two new products including MDC210 and MDC 610. The MDC210 provides computing for L2+ autonomous driving, and MDC 610 provides computing for L3 and L4 autonomous driving vehicles.


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