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Weekly News on Hottopics (August 7, 2020)
2020-08-07 15:04:35

Development Environment

Catalogue of Industries Encouraging Foreign Investment (2020 Edition) (Draft for Comments) was issued for comments
On July 31, the National Development and Reform Commission and the Ministry of Commerce jointly issued the Catalogue of Industries Encouraging Foreign Investment (2020 Edition) for comments. The main revisions are as follows: First, to further encourage foreign investors to participate in the high-quality development of manufacturing. The national catalogue has added or expanded items such as raw materials, parts, and end product manufacturing. The second is to further encourage foreign investment in producer services. The national catalogue adds or expands items such as research and development design, business services, modern logistics, and information services etc.. The third is to further encourage foreign investment in the central and western regions. According to the needs of expanding opening up and attracting investment, relevant items have been added or expanded in the catalogue.
7 Ministries and Commissions: The Detailed Rules to regulate the Recycling of Scrapped Vehicles was issued
The Ministry of Commerce, the National Development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and other four ministries and commissions had recently jointly issued the "Implementation Rules for the Management Measures for the Recycling of Scrapped Motor Vehicles". It includes 7 chapters and 59 articles, covering qualification certification and management, recycling and dismantling behavior specifications, recycling behavior specifications, supervision, and legal liability etc.. These rules will come into effect on September 1, 2020.
Seven Provinces and Cities including Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei will eliminate the Use of One million Diesel Trucks with High Emissions
The Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei and surrounding areas and the Fenwei Plain (seven provinces and cities) have coordinated to promote the elimination and renew the old diesel trucks. More than 1 million diesel trucks with emission meeting the requirements of the National stage-III standard (or below) will be eliminated to effectively reduce the pollution of diesel trucks.
Haikou starts to provide subsidies to the  early elimination of old cars and financial subsidies for pollution control
Haikou Municipal Bureau of Ecology and Environment announced that it has decided to carry out the early elimination of old vehicles in 2020 and the applications of subsidies for pollution control will start on August 3, 2020.
Technology Requirements for Three-way Catalytic Converters for Substitution of Passenger Cars will be established
The applications for formulating 6 standards including Technology Requirements for Three-Way Catalytic Converters (Substitution) for Passenger Cars have been approved by relevant authorities. They have passed the examinations in accordance with the requirements of CSAE Management Measures and been listed in the programs of Society of Automotive Engineers of China.
NEV Industry
MIIT revised Management Rules on Access of New Energy Vehicle Manufacturers and their Products
The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology has recently issued a decision on amending the Management Rules on the Access of New Energy Vehicle Manufactures and their Products. It will lower the entry barrier for new energy vehicle manufacturers. Of which, the article of Design and Development Capabilities is deleted; in order to better stimulate the vitality of enterprise and lower the entry threshold of enterprise, the article 5 and the requirements on Design and Development Capabilities in Review Requirements on New Energy Vehicle Manufacturers have also been deleted; in addition, the time limits for the stop production of new energy vehicle manufacturers has been adjusted from 12 months to 24 months. This rules shall be implemented on September 1, 2020.
Guangzhou’s Hydrogen Energy Industry Program: The Share of Gas Fuel Vehicles in Sanitation Sector will exceed 10% by 2022
On July 30, the Guangzhou Municipal Government issued the Guangzhou Hydrogen Energy Industry Development Program (2019-2030). It stated that the fuel cell vehicles will account for no less than 10% of new and replaced vehicles in the sanitation sector by 2022; the number of fuel cell vehicles in public transportation, logistics, engineering services, warehousing, ports and other fields for demonstration operation shall not be less than 3,000 units. No less than 30 hydrogen refueling stations will be built. By 2025, the proportion of fuel cell vehicles in public transportation and environmental sanitation will not be less than 30%. No less than 50 hydrogen refueling stations will be built. And no less than 10 integrated power stations with green hydrogen energy and more than 100 hydrogen refueling stations will be built by 2030.
Guangdong :To encourage the foreign investment in new energy vehicle sector 
On July 21, Guangdong Province issued a document to encourage foreign investment in the field of new energy vehicles and relax restrictions on foreign shareholding in commercial vehicle manufacturing. The government will support foreign parties of Sino-foreign JV for passenger vehicles to transfer the credits of average fuel consumption and new energy vehicles in accordance with regulations. About Rmb 100 million yuan will be awarded to eligible new projects or capital increase projects.
Qingdao Hydrogen Energy Industry Development Program(2020-2030) (Draft for Comment) was issued
On July 22, the Qingdao Development and Reform Commission issued the Qingdao Hydrogen Energy Industry Development Program (2020-2030) for comment. The notice clearly stated that in the next 10 years, Qingdao will be developed into an international hydrogen energy city, an important domestic hydrogen energy industry base will be built, and the overall development target of the Oriental Hydrogen Island will be achieved.  
NEV Industry
Beijing: The Number of New Energy Vehicles will reach 400,000 Units
Beijing’s new and replaced buses, taxis, sanitation trucks, postal vans, commuting vehicles, light logistics and distribution vehicles will be electric vehicles. And the city will strive to replace all vehicles for postal, urban express, and light sanitation (under 4.5 tons) with electric vehicles by the end of 2020. At the same time, the city buses operating within the Second Ring Road will take the first to use electrified buses, and the city buses used in the central urban areas and sub-centers of the city will basically be electric vehicles, and the city's new energy vehicles in use  will reach about 400,000 units.
Zhongzhi Yike sets up R&D and Manufacturing Base in Datong 
Zhongzhi Yike will build a new energy commercial vehicle manufacturing base in Datong City. The total investment for the base will be Rmb 7 billion yuan. The construction will be divided into two phases: During the first phase construction period, the investment will be Rmb 1 billion yuan and the annual production capacity will be 3,000 vehicles. The construction will be completed at the end of 2020.
GAC New Energy cooperates with the Grid Power to jointly achieve "Plug and Charge"
GAC New Energy has teamed up with State Grid and China Southern Power Grid to start a new service for plug-and-charge and preferential charging. The so-called "Plug and charge, non-inductive payment" means that after the vehicle is plugged into the charging gun, the charging process does not require human intervention. It can automatically complete authentication, charging start, charging stop, and order generation and settlement, realizing vehicles, piles, networks, and energy Interconnection and efficient interaction.
BJEV’s First Prototype Model using Solid-state Batteries rolled off the Line
On July 30, the prototype of a pure electric vehicle equipped with a solid-state battery system rolled off the assembly line of BJEV. This is the first electric vehicle using solid-state battery system in China. It marks a key step by BJEV in its research on solid-state battery vehicle technology.
Ideal Auto had been formally listed on NASDAQ
On July 30, Ideal Auto was formally listed on NASDAQ under the stock code of "LI", becoming the second Chinese new auto company listed in the United States. The IPO price of the company is USD 11.5/ADS, with a total of USD 95 million ADS issued. The pre-market value is USD 9.72 billion
ICV Industry
MIIT: To accelerate the Construction of New Type of Infrastructure
On July 27, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology announced the new tasks: To speed up the construction of new type of infrastructure such as 5G etc.,; with expressways and key cities as the entry point, we will increase efforts to support the digital transformation of road management facilities; to organize trial commercial use of the Internet of Vehicles to promote the application of new information and communication technologies in the field of intelligent connected vehicles; to promote the digital and intelligent transformation of manufacturing.
Guangzhou released the Second Batch of Open Test Roads for Intelligent Connected Cars 
On July 24, Guangzhou released the second batch of open test roads for intelligent connected cars. The second batch of open roads covers 34 main roads and secondary urban roads, with a total length of 89.65 kilometers. Of which, 15.55 kilometers are newly opened in Panyu District and 74.1 kilometers are newly opened in Nansha District. So far, the total length of open test roads in Guangzhou had reached 135.3 kilometers.
Huawei sets up a Joint Laboratory for Data Communication Autonomous Driving Networks
Huawei announced the establishment of the Huawei Data Communication Autonomous Driving Network Joint Laboratory. It will focus on the development in the fields of intention perception and understanding, intelligent recommendation and decision-making, network simulation calculations, and digital twins to accelerate the construction of autonomous driving networks.
Gohigh and NavInfo signed a strategic cooperation agreement
Gohigh Data Networks and NavInfo will start cooperation in the fields of Intelligent Vehicle Infrastructure Cooperative Systems, intelligent connecting, and smart transportation etc. by jointly developing key technologies, sharing and optimizing resources and information. They will explore the market opportunities and promote the development of Intelligent Vehicle Infrastructure Cooperative Systems.
Suning:To conduct Layout in Internet of Vehicles and launch the Small Biu Car
On July 31, Suning released the small Biu smart screen Pro, and the new Biu+ open strategy. The company has signed Biu+ ecological strategic cooperation agreements with PATEO IoV and Tuya. Suning will conduct the layout in the field of Internet of Vehicles and launch the self-developed small Biu car.
Baidu Apollo’s World First Mass-produced Autonomous Driving Computing Platform had been launched
On July 30, ACU, the world's first mass-produced autonomous driving computing platform jointly developed by Baidu and Flex, was formally launched. The platform will be the first to be used in the Apollo Valet Parking (AVP) autonomous parking product jointly developed by Baidu and WM Motor in the second half of this year.
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