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Weekly News on Hottopics (July 31,2020)
2020-07-31 13:52:55
Development Environment
Two Ministries and Commissions:  To reduce the Total Traffic Volumes of Cars to improve the Green Mobility Level 
On July 24, the Ministry of Transport and the National Development and Reform Commission jointly issued the "Green Mobility Creation Action Program". It clarified that through the implementation of green mobility creation actions, the promotion of a simple and moderate, green and low-carbon lifestyle will guide the public to prefer public transportation, Green Mobility modes such as walking and bicycles will reduce the total traffic of cars and improve the overall level of green travels in all cities in China.
Jilin Province introduced specific measures to stabilize and expand automobile consumption
The Overall Development of Auto Market in the Second Half of 2020 is improving, and the Passenger Car Market continues to be under Pressure
Fu Bingfeng, executive vice president and secretary-general of the China Association of Automobile Manufacturers, said that the long-term stable and positive trend of the automobile industry has not changed, the efforts of the "Six stability" and "Six guarantees" related measures in the second half of the year will be continued. It is expected that the automobile market will be generally improved in the second half of 2020, and the industry decline will continue to narrow.
Global auto sales will decline by 20% in 2020
In the first half of the year, major global automotive markets generally showed double-digit declines. Currently, the epidemics in some regions have been controlled, many auto factories have resumed works and production, and dealerships have reopened. Auto sales in China, Japan, Russia and other countries began to rise in May and June of 2020. The declines in the European and American auto markets had also narrowed, while the epidemic situation in countries such as Brazil and India remains severe. Global automobile sales are expected to decline by 20% in 2020, and it may take several years to return to the level before the epidemic.
NEV Industry
The State Council: To optimize the new energy vehicle approval and release procedures
On July 21, the General Office of the State Council issued a document proposing the optimization of the releasing processes of the list of new energy vehicles exempting from vehicle purchase tax and vehicle and vessel tax by the end of 2020. It will realize the integration of Application, Test, and Releasing. The companies can enjoy relevant tax reduction and exemption policies based on products lists; and strengthen the sharing and application of information on motor vehicle production, sales, registration, maintenance, insurance, and scrapping.
WM established Global R&D Center in Chengdu
The global R&D center of WM Motors will be built in Chengdu. Total investment will exceed Rmb 5.5 billion yuan and five research institutes will be built: New Energy Vehicle Research Institute, Vehicle Safety Research Institute, Three-Power System Safety Research Institute, Forward-looking Technology Research Institute, and Automotive Creative Design Institute.
BYD and Shudu Bus signed the strategic cooperation agreement
BYD and Shudu Bus signed a strategic cooperation agreement. The two parties will give full play to their respective advantages in terms of low-carbon and intelligent, and jointly develop passenger cars, sanitation vehicles, muck vehicles, urban logistics vehicles and other pure electric and hydrogen fuel cell vehicle products.
Yanshan Petrolemiumchemical and BAIC signed the strategic cooperation agreement
On July 22, Yanshan Petrochemical and BAIC signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement. The agreement stipulates that Yanshan Petrochemical, as a strategic hydrogen energy supplier, will strengthen cooperation with BAIC to jointly promote the development and promotion of hydrogen fuel cell vehicles and the production of vehicular hydrogen fuels to help the realization of the target of 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics. 
Nio will build battery capital company
NIO will form a battery asset management company with the purpose of promoting the separation of automotive and battery businesses and vigorously promoting the BaaS battery service (Battery as a Service).
CATL builds the New Energy Industry Investment Company 
On July 21, CATL New Energy Industry Investment Co., Ltd. was established with a registered capital of Rmb 50 million yuan. The company's business scope includes investment activities with its own funds; entrepreneurial space services; artificial intelligence innovation service platform; corporate headquarters management; social economy consulting services; consulting programming services; and marketing programming etc..
ICV Industry
State Council: To unify the Test Standards for Autonomous Driving Functions of Intelligent Connected Vehicles
On July 21, the General Office of the State Council issued a document to unify the test standards for the autonomous driving functions of intelligent connected vehicles, promote the realization of the national mutual recognition of test results in closed fields; reduce the qualification application requirements for the production of electronic navigation map, and reduce the processing time for the qualification continuation and information changes ; explore and carry out demonstration applications of intelligent connected vehicles in specific road sections with mature conditions and the areas such as airports, ports, and parks etc..
SAIC forms the Lingshu Software Center 
The newly established software team of SAIC Motor was officially named "Lingshu". In the future, SAIC Lingbu will focus on intelligent driving system engineering, software architecture, basic software platform and data factory, including SOA software platform, the new generation of centralized electronic architecture, cloud service platform, computing power chip, automobile Big data platform, edge artificial intelligence applications, intelligent cockpit systems, data and network security, etc., to empower customers for creating the ultimate data-driven differentiated intelligent driving experience and innovative business models.
Great Wall Motor releases three major technology brands "lemon, Tank, and Coffee Intelligence"
On July 20, Great Wall Motor released three major technology brands, "Lemon", "Tank" and "Coffee Smart". Of which, Coffee Intelligence is an intelligent brand of Great Wall Motor. It consists of intelligent cockpits, intelligent driving, and new electronic and electrical architecture. In the future, all models of Great Wall Motor are expected to use this system.
Huawei formally released the "Traffic Intelligent Body" solution
On July 23, Huawei formally released the smart traffic police solution. It fully applies AI, Big data, Cloud computing, 5G and other technologies to provide ICT technology for traffic law enforcement, vehicle inspection and control, and traffic control scenarios.
Leap Motor T03 starts the home first OTA upgrade
On July 22, the Leap Motor T03 took the first OTA upgrade in home. This OTA upgrade mainly focuses on improving the sensitivity of fatigue monitoring; optimizing the accuracy of tire pressure monitoring; optimizing system operating efficiency etc..to improve driving experience.
Hesai Technology and Velodyne reached the patent agreement
Hesai Technology, a domestic lidar manufacturer, reached the long-term global patent cross-licensing agreement with Velodyne. It is said that the agreement will cover the patents for many rotary lidar products, and all existing and future patents of both companies.


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