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Weekly News on Hottopics( July 24,2020)
2020-07-24 16:36:22

Development Environment

13 ministries issued document to support the healthy development of new business formats and new models
On July 15, the National Development and Reform Commission and other 12 departments jointly issued a document that proposed to expand the intelligentization upgrades of products and innovation of business formats in the areas of new shared living spaces, encourage shared mobility, takeouts, group buying, online drug purchase, shared accommodation, and cultural tourism etc.. to develop new ways of living consumption and cultivate online high-end brands.
Jinlin issued 5 measures to promote auto consumption 
On July 17, Jilin Provincial Government held a press conference to gave a detailed interpretation of the "Specific Measures for Stabilizing and Expanding Automobile Consumption in Jilin Province". Jilin Province will promote automobile consumption mainly in five major areas: Properly delay the time to introduce the national stage-6 emission standard, encourage the purchase of new energy vehicles, speed up the elimination of old trucks, smooth second-hand vehicle transactions and increase credit support.
The Number of Automobiles in Use in China in the First Half 2020 reached 270 million units 
As of June 2020, the number of motor vehicles in use in China had reached 360 million units. Of which, the number of automobiles in use has reached 270 million units. In the first half of 2020, the new registration of motor vehicles was 14.14 million units, a decrease of 980,000 units over the same period in 2019. Of which, the new registration of automobiles was 10.42 million units, a decrease of 2 million vehicles comparing with that of the same period in 2019.
Recall of Automobiles in the first half of 2020: Most of vehicles recalled were produced by Sino-Germany and Sino-Japan JVs 
In the first half of 2020, China conducted 67 times of recalls of defected automobiles (covering 3.22 million units of 41 brands), up 16.73% comparing with that of the same period of previous year. Of which, most of the vehicles recalled are produced by Sino-Germany and Sino-Japan JVs.
The sales in July increased slightly, and the retail sales will reach 1.53 million units 
In the first half of the year, the retail sales of passenger vehicle market reached 7.71 million units, a year-on-year decrease of 23%. In July, the market declined seasonally and the market trend was stable. The retail sales of passenger vehicles in the narrow sense are expected to be 1.53 million units, a slight increase of about 3% comparing with that of the same period of previous year.
The Auto Market will decline 10% in the Latter Half of 2020 
According to the CAAM, the auto market of Chine will further decline 10% to 20% in the latter half of 2020. From the current situation and trends, its declining is expected to be 10%.
NEV Industry
MIIT, MOA, and MOC jointly organize the Sales of New Energy Vehicles in Rural Areas
On July 15, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, and the Ministry of Commerce jointly issued a notice on conducting the promotion of sales of new energy vehicles in rural areas with the theme of "Green,Intelligence, and Safety-Stepping into the “New” Era, Helping Rural Revitalization Strategy", and the activity will be conducted during July 2020 to December 2020.
Dongfeng High-end Electric Vehicle will use Lantu Brand Name
On July 17, DFM announced the Chinese name of its new high-end electric brand (Lantu), and its new LOGO was unveiled for the first time. Additionally, Lantu Automotive Technology Company, which will use the new LOGO and operate independently, was also set up. It is not affiliated to any subsidiary of Dongfeng Motor Corporation.
XPENG C+ Round financing amounted to nearly 500 million US dollars
On July 20, XPENG had formally announced the completion of the C+ round of financing involving well-known investment institutions such as Aspex, Coatue, Hillhouse Capital, and Sequoia China, with a financing amount of nearly USD 500 million.
SAIC will strengthen the fuel cell business: To build 10 to 20 hydrogen refueling stations within 5 years 
On July 15, SAIC and China Baowu Steel Group signed the comprehensive strategic cooperation agreement. The two parties will build a "One park and Two corridors" national hydrogen industry demonstration zone, and jointly complete the building of 10 to 20 hydrogen refueling stations in the demonstration area before the end of 2025.
Guoxuan High-Tech will build high nickel with annual capacity of 30,000 tons in Lujiang
On July 16, Hefei Guoxuan, a subsidiary of Guoxuan Hi-Tech, and the administration commission of Hefei Lujiang High-tech Industrial Development Zone signed the agreement for cooperation. Hefei Guoxuan will produce high nickel ternary cathode materials in Lujiang, with annual production capacity of 30,000 tons. The construction period of the project will last 36 months, and the trial operation is expected to start in early 2023.
ICV Industry
Hefei will carry out demonstration operation test of intelligent connected vehicles
Hefei municipal government had started to accelerate the development of intelligent connected vehicle industry. Hefei will build a national intelligent connected electric vehicle quality supervision and inspection center (Hefei) in Intelligent Manufacturing Institute of HFUT in Baohe Economic Development Zone; Binhu Tangxihe Park will build a 4.4km 5G intelligent connected vehicle demonstration line and it is expected to be completed by August this year to realize the demonstration operation of intelligent connected vehicles; promote the implementation of the demonstration operation project of Volkswagen intelligent connected vehicles.
Huawei applied for vehicle positioning patent: Positioning without GPS signal
Recently, Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd. has won several patents, including a patent of “Methods, Devices, Controllers, Smart Vehicles and Systems for Vehicle Positioning”. This patent is used to solve the problem of vehicle positioning when the GPS signal is weak or there is no GPS signal.
Alibaba Cloud and MMI Planning & Engineering Institute IX will jointly build "Smart factory" for Auto Companies
On July 17, Alibaba Cloud announced that it had reached a strategic cooperation agreement with the MMI Planning & Engineering Institute IX to provide automotive companies with overall solutions for smart factories. The workshop intelligent management and control platform jointly developed by the two parties in the first phase will own millisecond-level production equipment data acquisition capabilities. It can improve the overall operating efficiency of the workshop.
NavInfo's Sixents launched a variety of high-precision positioning products
On July 15, Sixents Technology, a high-precision positioning service provider under NavInfo, launched the real-time centimeter-level "Locate-CM" for the first time, and the centimeter-level "Locate-PCM", the differential services such as the meter-level "Locate-DM"; and high-precision positioning engines such as "Sixents With Auto", "Sixents WithIoT", and Sixents WithPace etc. and high-precision positioning industry solutions.
TuSimple will start cooperation with Navstar to build Self-driving Trucks within 4 Years 
On July 15, TuSimple and Navistar, a famous American truck manufacturer, announced the forming of a strategic cooperation to jointly develop L4 autonomous driving trucks and strive to start the mass production by 2024.
YESWAY will cooperate with Airbiquity to provide OTA for Chinese Auto Manufacturers
On July 14, Airbiquity announced its cooperation with YESWAY in Beijing. Through this cooperation, Airbiquity's OTAmatic over-the-air update (OTA) software and data management solution will be added on the YESWAY Automotive Platform, and will support Airbiquity OTAmatic in the Chinese automotive market.


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