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Weekly News on Hottopics (June 26, 2020)
2020-06-26 10:21:24

Development Environment

MIIT and MOF jointly released the new dual-credit policy

On June 22, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology formally issued the Decision on Amending the Parallel Management Methods for the Average Fuel Consumption of Passenger Vehicle Enterprise and the Credit of New Energy Vehicle. It stipulates the requirements for the credits of new energy vehicles during 2021 to 2023. The ratios are 14%, 16%, and 18% respectively.The new methods will be implemented on January 1, 2021. The new methods modify the credit calculation method. Of which, the maximum of the benchmark score of BEV model is reduced from 2 to 5 points to 3.4 points, and the benchmark score of PHEV model is reduced from 2 points to 1.6 points.

Henan Province plans to eliminate the use of 145,600 high-emission diesel trucks in 2020

By the end of 2019, the operation of 54,187 medium and heavy duty diesel trucks with emissions meeting the requirements of national stage-III emission standard and below had been eliminated, and the use of left 207,992 medium and heavy duty diesel trucks will be eliminated soon. By the end of 2020, 70% of the scrapping target will be fulfilled (145,594units).

Hubei Province issued supporting policies to promote the commercial consumption 

On June 19, Hubei Province issued a number of measures to deal with the impact of the epidemic and promote commercial consumption. It proposes to vigorously develop consumer finance, promote the development of consumer credit in the auto, home appliance and other industries, and steadily expand the scope of personal consumer loans; the loan balance of the province's consumer finance in 2020 will not be less than that of 2019; the restrictions on the use of pick-up trucks in the urban areas will be canceled; the national supporting policies for exemption of purchase tax for new energy vehicles and the preferential value-added tax for the trade of second-hand vehicle will be implemented within the year, and the restriction policy for the removing of the second hand vehicles will be canceled.

Ministry of Commerce: The export of Chinese automobiles in May 2020 amounted to 373,000 units

 In the first five months of 2020, China exported 377,000 vehicles (including chassis), a year-on-year decrease of 16.9%. The export value was Rmb 38.71 billion yuan, a year-on-year decrease of 5.5%. In the same period of previous year, 278,000 vehicles had been imported, a year-on-year decrease of 36.9%; and the import value was Rmb 92.88 billion yuan, a year-on-year decrease of 31.3%

The retail sales of passenger vehicles in June amounted to 1.63 million units

According to the analysis of the CPCA Auto, the promotion activities of manufacturers and dealers have continued to increase since June 2020, boosting the release of consumer demands. According to surveys on dealers, the targets of manufacturers fell by 3% in June. By analyzing 80% of the investigation results, it can be initially introduced that the retail sales of passenger vehicles (narrow-sense) in June was about 1.63 million units, a decrease of about 8% year-on-year

NEV Industry

DFM strengthens the strategic cooperation with CATL

On June 16, DFM and CATL signed a new framework agreement on deepening strategic cooperation in Ningde, Fujian. The two parties will consolidate and expand the results of cooperation and further deepen strategic cooperation in the fields of joint venture and cooperation, joint development, and joint construction of the ecosystem etc..

Tencent becomes the second largest shareholder of Nio

Tencent has spent USD 10 million (approximately Rmb 70.71 million) to increase its holding in Nio (1.68 million ADS) through its subsidiary Huang River . After this increase, Tencent holds 15.1% of the shares of Nio and becomes the second largest shareholder of Nio.

The construction of Spotlight Automotive started

Spotlight Automotive is a new joint venture established by Great Wall Motor and BMW Group, with a total investment of Rmb 5.1 billion and the annual production capacity of 160,000 units. The two parties will conduct joint R&D and production of pure electric vehicles, including future MINI pure electric vehicles and new products under Great Wall Motor brand name.

XPENG will launch medium to large SUVs

At present, XPENG has launched two models, XPENG G3 and XPENG P7. In the future, there are programs for launching medium and large SUV models.

The super charging station of Nio in Hefei started the operation

On June 17, the first Nio supercharging station in Hefei was formally built in the P4 parking lot of the Hefei Municipal Affairs Center. The station includes 8 Nio supercharging piles and they are all built at the dedicated parking spaces. The users can also enjoy the benefits of free parking fees during charging process.

The range of Nathalie amounts to 805 km

According to the reports, the Gumpert AIWAYSwhich is the German subsidiary of AIWAYS, is in need of support to help to achieve the mass production of the first methanol fuel cell electric sports car model (Gumpert Nathalie). The company will produce 500 Nathalie cars and deliver them in early 2021. But the program was disrupted because of the epidemic.

ICV Industry

Guangzhou built the home first bus lane with 5G-based intelligent schedule

The Guangzhou Municipal Transportation Bureau had started the pilot operation of the home first 5G-based BRT bus line with intelligent schedule in Guangzhou.

Suzhou accelerates the development of intelligent connected vehicle industry

On June 17, the Jiangsu Intelligent Connected Vehicle Industry Innovation and Development Conference and establishment of the Intelligent Connected Vehicle Standardization Committee were held in Xiangcheng District, Suzhou City. The Robo-Taxi (intelligent driving taxi) demonstration application project was also launched at the same time. Suzhou has gathered a group of high-growth rate enterprises in the field of intelligent connected vehicle with independent innovation advantages, covering more than 30 sectors.

BAIC starts to cooperate with Didi in the layout of autonomous driving

On June 19, BAIC Group and Didi Autonomous Driving Company signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement. The two parties will jointly develop high-level customized models with high autonomous-driving level through in-depth cooperation in the fields of automobiles, artificial intelligence and shared mobility. They will focus on the cooperation between the development in the areas of L4 (and above) autonomous-driving and intelligent mobility etc.. to jointly promote the application of innovated technologies.

Qianxun Si and GAC New Energy released the world's first intelligent car with Beidou high-precision positioning device

On June 17, Qianxun Si and GAC New Energy jointly launched the world's first 5G V2X model with Beidou high-precision positioning facility. Relying on the Beidou high-precision space-time intelligent service provided by Qianxun Si, the positioning precision of the next generation of Intelligent SUV (GAC AION V)reaches centimeter level.

Black Sesame releases Huashan No. 2 chip

On June 15, Black Sesame, the Chinese self-driving chip supplier, released its second product (Huashan No.2 chip). Its single-chip AI computing power can reach up to 70TOPS (A1000). The domain controller composes of two Huashan No. 2 and can achieve AI computing power of up to 140TOPS, power consumption of 25W, and it supports L3 autonomous driving.

Shouqi car-hailing teamed up with Baidu Map to develop online professional car-hailing map scenarios

Shouqi Car-hailing announced on June 18 that the company had upgraded its cooperation mode with Baidu Map. The two parties will work together on technology research and development in the scene of online car-hailing service to enhance and optimize the user experience of both drivers and passengers.


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