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Weekly News on Hotspots (May 29, 2020)
2020-05-29 15:18:27

Development Environment  

Tianjin issued new policy to promote auto consumption 
Tianjin had issued the "Several Measures for Promoting Automobile Consumption in Tianjin". It clarifies that the quotas for purchases of passenger cars in 2020 will 35,000; those who reside in Tianjin between June 1 and December 31, 2020 or the companies or institutes registered in Tianjin and purchase new energy vehicles in Tianjin can receive the voucher of Rmb 2,000 per vehicle for charging. The quotas are 30,000 units
Sanya: To invest Rmb 100 million each year to support the building of infrastructure 
Sanya City has issued“Several Measures to accelerate the Construction of New Infrastructure in Sanya”. The government will allocate Rmb 100 million yuan each year to support the construction of new infrastructures. The infrastructures include 5G base stations, data centers, artificial intelligence, block chains, satellite Internet and other information infrastructures; smart cities, smart energy, new energy charging piles and other integrated infrastructure; Deep Sea Technology, Southern Breeding, Satellite Remote Sensing and other innovative infrastructures; construction of key industrial parks such as Yazhou Bay Science and Technology City, Internet Information Industrial Park, and Remote Sensing Information Industrial Park.
The main cause of heavy air pollution in Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei area is the high-intensity emissions
In April, He Kebin, deputy director of the National Center for Atmospheric Pollution Control and Cooperation and the academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, said that high-intensity emissions that exceed 50% of the environmental capacity are the main causes for atmospheric pollution in Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei area and surrounding areas. In order to continue to advance the level of air pollution prevention, controlling the total number of motor vehicles, adjusting the logistics and transportation structure, and eliminating the use of old vehicles with emission not meeting the requirements of national stage-III emission standard will play important roles in the development of the automobile industry.
The global auto industry has raised USD 155 billion to cope with the impact of the epidemic
Major auto companies around the world have been using existing credit lines and seeking new credit agreements to cope with the impact of the epidemic crisis on automobile demand. In the past three months, these auto companies have raised USD 155 billion. It is equivalent to the amount of bonds issued in the eight months before the global blockade.
NEV Industry
2020 Government Work Report: To build charging piles and promote new energy vehicles 
On May 22, 2020, the government work report mentioned the strengthening of new infrastructure construction, developing the new generation of information networks, expanding 5G applications, building charging piles, promoting new energy vehicles, stimulating new consumer demands, and helping industrial upgrading.
Shanghai released the Implementation Rules for providing Charging Subsidies for Purchasing of New Energy Vehicles
The Implementation Rules stipulates that consumers who purchase pure electric vehicles and plug-in hybrid (including extended-range models) vehicles can apply for charging subsidy funds. The only the qualified private user can received the subsidies of Rmb 5,000.
Hainan: To provide rewards of Rmb 10,000 to buyer of new energy vehicle 
On May 20, Hainan Province issued a temporary policy for the promotion of new energy vehicles. It is pointed out that every buyer of new energy vehicle (bought and registered during April 30, 2020 and December 31, 2020) will receive financial reward for the purchase of new energy vehicle. The reward standard is Rnb 10,000 yuan for each new energy vehicle, and the total amount of qualified new energy vehicles will not exceed 15,000 units.
Yinchuan will build more than 300 charging piles in 2020 
In 2020, Yinchuan will build more than 20 charging stations and more than 300 DC and AC charging piles. In addition, it is programmed to build more than 150 electric vehicle charging stations with a total of more than 5,000 charging piles by 2024.
Evergrande will invest Rmb 15 billion to produce electric driving systems
On May 22, the constructions of 22 projects with a total investment of Rmb 74.3 billion yuan in Nantaihu New District of Huzhou, Zhejiang Province, started. Of which, the investment to Evergrande Group’s electric driving system project reached Rmb 15 billion. Its annual production capacity will reach 500,000 units. In addition, the constructions also include the building of a R&D center for three-in-one powrtrain assemblies of central electric motor, R&D for electric motor and self-driving technology, the R&D center and workshops for electric motor and battery assemblies etc.. It is expected that the annual production value will reach Rmb 12 billion.
ICV Industry
CBN, CCCCL, and DT Mobile will jointly build Intelligent Vehicle Infrastructure Cooperative Systems
On May 17, China Broadcast Network, China Communications Construction and Datang Mobile completed the construction of the first CBN 5G base station in Xiongan, Hebei Province. On May 20, the “5G + Smart Bus”Vehicle Infrastructure Cooperative System was demonstration under the 5G network. It is Xiong’an’s first 5G + Smart Bus Vehicle Infrastructure Cooperative System pilot and will help the construction of the Xiong’an Transportation Powerhouse Demonstration Zone.
The construction of SAIC-GM-Wuling’s self driving logistic routs in Liuzhou was completed 
The construction of UISEE and SAIC-GM-Wuling’s self driving logistics routes in Hexi base has been completed. At present, 16 autonomous-driving logistics routes have been built in Hexi base and Baojun base, covering the scenes of assembly logistics, engine logistics, pressing logistics, and body logistics etc.. 75 self-driving vehicles will be put into use in these bases.
Huawei released the White Paper on Autonomous Driving Network Solution
Huawei released the White Paper on Autonomous Driving Network Solutions. It systematically describes the future network architecture, operation and maintenance architecture and its key technologies. It focuses on providing the reference for the company's digital transformation in the industrial chain through AI capability coordination and human-machine collaboration etc.. 
Western Power will invest Rmb 60 million in Sichuan Golden Ridge 
Western Power will invest Rmb 60 million yuan in cash to increase its shareholding in Sichuan Golden Ridge. This capital increase is conducive to the rapid implementation of Sichuan Golden Ridge’s R&D projects, market expansion, and enhancement of its financial strength and comprehensive competitiveness. The company tries to enter the area of intelligent self-driving driving through investment.
ZTE and China Unicom start to explore the cooperation in 6G and Internet of Vehicles 
China Unicom and ZTE signed the strategic cooperation to carry out key technology research on 6G systems. The two parties will jointly promote 6G technology innovation and cooperation in establishment of standards. They will also promote the deep cooperation in the areas of 6G, satellite networks, Internet of Vehicles, and industrial Internet etc.
Hisense and Baidu signed strategic agreement for cooperation in section of autonomous driving
Hisense and Baidu formally signed a strategic cooperation agreement. Hisense will serve as an important partner of Baid Apollo intelligent transportation ecology. They will start the comprehensive cooperation based on their advantageous technologies and resources in the areas of intelligent transportation and Vehicle Infrastructure Cooperative Systems etc..
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