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Weekly News on Hotspots( May 15,2020)
2020-05-15 18:01:29

Development Environment 

Requirements of Five Ministries: To ensure the target of scrapping the diesel trucks in use is achieved as scheduled 
The Ministry of Transport, the Ministry of Ecology and Environment, the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Commerce, and the Ministry of Public Security jointly issued a notice to accelerate the pollution control of diesel trucks, effectively reduce diesel truck pollution, and ensure the on time achievements of the targets of Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei and surrounding areas and the Fenwei Plan area for scrapping the diesel trucks with emission not meeting the requirements of national stage-III (or below) 。
The production and sales in April had gradually returned to the normal level 
In April, automobile production and sales reached 2.10 million units and 2.07 million units, up 46.6% and 43.5% respectively comparing with those of previous month and rising 2.3% and 4.4% comparing with those of the same month of last year. From January to April, the total automobile production and sales amounted to 5.5 million units and 5.76 million units, declining 33.4% and 31.1% respectively comparing with those of the same period of previous year. The declines reduced by 11.8 percentage points and 11.3 percentage points comparing with those during January to March. 
The auto dealer inventory warning index in April was 56.8%
The inventory warning index of auto dealers in April was 56.8%, a decrease of 4.2 percentage points from the previous month and down 6.9 percentage points comparing with that of the same month of prior year. The vehicle inventory warning index still exceeded the macro-economic index. In April, the inventory warning indexes of import & luxury brands products, and mainstream JV brand models fell, and those of the independent brand products rose. Many overseas auto plants had been closed due to the epidemics. The supply of luxury vehicles is not enough, and it boosts the demand for luxury vehicles.
The recovery of scrapped motor vehicles in China increased by 7.7% in April 
In April, the number of motor vehicles recovered nationwide was 206,000 units, an increase of 24.1% from the previous month and up 7.7% comparing with that of the same month of last year. Of which,the number of cars recovered reached 178,000 units, an increase of 29.0% from the previous month and increasing 11.4% comparing with that of the same month of last year. From January to April, the number of motor vehicles recovered nationwide was 515,000 units, a year-on-year decrease of 23.8%. Of which, the number of automobiles recovered reached 433,000 vehicles, a year-on-year decrease of 23.2%.
NEV Industry
The first batch of Wireless Charging System for Electric Vehicles national standards had been issued 
On May 6, the first batch of national standards established by the Chinese Electric Power Research Institute etc. had been issued, including the GB/T 38775.2 Electric Vehicle Wireless Charging System Part 2: Communication Protocol between On-board Charger and Charging Equipment, GB/T 38775.3 Electric Vehicle Wireless Charging System Part 3: Special Requirements, GB/T 38775.4 Electric Vehicle Wireless Charging System Part 4: Electromagnetic Environmental Limits and Test Methods.
Guangdong: To build about 90 hydrogen refueling stations by 2025
On May 6, the Guangdong Province’s Action Program for the Cultivation of New Energy Industry Cluster (2021-2025) (Draft for Comment) was formally released. By 2025, Guangdong Province will realize the output capacity of megawatts of hydrogen fuel cells, and cultivate leading technology innovation enterprises with internationally advanced level in the field of hydrogen fuel cells. The province will build about 90 hydrogen refueling stations to basically form the hydrogen refueling facility system in the Pearl River Delta.
FAW Car and Leap Motor will conduct cooperation in the areas of electric vehicle and autonomous driving 
FAW Car and LEAP Motor had formally signed a strategic cooperation agreement in Changchun. The two parties will cooperate in the R & D, manufacturing and production & applications of key components of intelligent electric vehicles, jointly plan and develop intelligent electric vehicle models, and will integrate advantage resources and conduct in-depth research in the fields of key basic technology development and production mode innovation..
FAW Toyota’s first pure electric vehicle rolled off the line
On May 11, FAW Toyota's first mass-produced pure electric vehicle(the IZOA E Jinqing)formally rolled off the production line of FAW Toyota's new plant. The new model is built based on Toyota's mature three electric technologies and is equipped with lightweight and efficient core technology components such as Panasonic square lithium-ion large-capacity battery and Aisin permanent magnet synchronous high-output motor. It has good handling and excellent power performance.
WM Maven concept car was released with the range of more than 800km 
On May 10, WM Motor's first pure electric car (the WM Maven concept car)was formally released. Its range at NEDC model will reach 800km. The mass production is expected to be achieved in 2021.
ICV Industry
Gao Xinxing joins hands with CEC Industrial Internet to build an IoV security system
On May 7, CEC Industrial Internet and GOSUNCN Technology Group signed the strategic cooperation agreement.The two parties will conduct cooperation in the fields of digital transportation solutions, such as C-V2X, IoV information security, Cloud platform, and vehicular module, IoV joint solutions, project marketing, technical cooperation, R&D, and joint application of technology projects
Baidu Apollo starts cooperation with Shenzhen Haylion Technologies 
On May 8, Baidu Inc. and Shenzhen Haylion Technologies Co., Ltd. reached a strategic cooperation. The two parties will cooperate based on their respective technologies and advantageous resources in the areas of autonomous driving and Vehicle Infrastructure Cooperative Systems to accelerate the application of Apollo's ACE traffic engine on the intelligent buses
Tiamases Technology and Baidu signed cooperation framework agreement
On May 8, Zhengzhou Tiamases Technology Co., Ltd.announced that it had signed a framework agreement for cooperation with Baidu Inc. The company will join Baidu’s Apollo intelligent transportation ecosystem. The two parties will form a joint solution for Vehicle Infrastructure Collaborative System, intelligent information control, intelligent network connection, and autonomous driving. The project will last for one year.
FAW Jiefang and NavInfo will form new JV for Internet of Vehicles
On May 6, FAW Jiefang and NavInfo jointly announced that FAW Jiefang and China Satellite Navigation and Communications (a subsidiary of NavInfo)will form a joint venture company with the name of Yukuaichuangling Intelligent Technology (Nanjing) Co., Ltd.. The JV will give full play to the advantages of both parties and focus on the development of new technologies for Internet of Vehicles, incubation and operation of logistics ecological products and actively exploring the aftermarket of commercial vehicles.
Chery Lion sets up R&D center in Nanjing to accelerate the intelligentization
Chery Lion’s Nanjing R & D Center had been formally put into operation. The annual R & D investment of the center will exceed Rmb 100 million yuan. The center is the carrier of the Chery Holding Group’s intelligent business in Nanjing. It will mainly conduct the R & D and operation of IoV Cloud platform, autonomous driving software and system testing technology, and Big data business etc..
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