Honda signs Alibaba to develop next-gen infotainment system
2019-06-13 12:52:29
Honda Motor Co. has signed Chinese Internet giant Alibaba Group to develop its third-generation Honda Connect infotainment system. Under agreements inked this month at the CES Asia consumer electronics expo in Shanghai, the new Honda Connect will adopt artificial intelligence-powered voice recognition technology developed by Alibaba and iFlytek Co., a leading Chinese voice recognition technology developer. In addition, Honda will tap Alibaba’s AI to enable in-vehicle e-commerce and seamless home-to-vehicle connectivity for car drivers and passengers, the automaker said. Honda is the latest global car brand to sign AI deals with Alibaba. Last year, three European luxury brands -- Daimler, Audi and Volvo -- signed up Alibaba as a supplier of AI technology for home-to-vehicle connectivity. The technology allows people to talk with their cars through Alibaba's digital assistant device Tmall Genie. The setup also uses voice recognition technology that enables people to voice commands.
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