Changan New Energy to launch three NEV platforms by 2020
2019-04-30 08:29:29
Chongqing Changan New Energy Automobile Co., Ltd. plans to build three NEV platforms by 2020, which are internally code-named EPA0, EPA1 and EPA2, according to local media outlets. The EPA0 platform is designed to manufacture mini-sized and small-sized vehicles, satisfying users' basic travelling needs. The EPA1 platform will mainly produce compact vehicles which seek a balance among performance, price and driving experience. Besides, the EPA2 platform, targeting mid-sized vehicles and vehicles with larger size, more highlights a personalized experience and a premium brand image. According to the NEV maker's planning, two categories—a two-seater hatchback and a small-sized hatchback—will be incubated on the EPA0 platform. The EPA1 will deliver a compact crossover sedan, a compact crossover SUV, a compact SUV and a compact MPV. Additionally, the EPA2 is expected to generate a mid-sized crossover sedan, a mid-sized sedan, a high-performance crossover SUV and a mid-sized MPV. Changan New Energy has so far rolled out five models in total, namely, the EADO EV460, the EADO PHEV, the new Benben EV360, the new Benben EC260 and the CS15 EV400. The EADO ET BEV, which is based on the EADO XT, will officially hit the market on May 11. Changan Automobile announced earlier this month that its NEV sales reached 5,411 units in March and totaled 11,853 units for the first quarter of the year.
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