Jiangling Motors said to become contract manufacturer for EV startup AIWAYS
2018-12-28 10:28:42
Jiangling Motors Holding's Shangrao branch was approved by Jiangxi Development and Reform Commission to build a production base with an annual capacity of 100,000 all-electric passenger vehicles (PVs), involving a total investment of RMB1.4 billion, according to a file posted on the administration's official website. Noticeably, the document shows that the program is approved on the premise of submitting two papers--the certificate of real estate (land) ownership and the house tenancy contract signed by Jiangling Motors Holding's Shangrao Company and Jiangxi Yiwei Automobile Manufacturing Co., Ltd. (Jiangxi Yiwei) in October 2018. Jiangxi Yiwei saw its legal representative changed from Gu Feng, co-founder and CEO of Chinese EV startup AIWAYS, when the company was founded at the end of 2016 to Qiu Xiaochuan in April 26, 2017, according to information recorded in China's National Enterprise Credit Information Public System. Its business entity is Jiangxi AIWAYS Entity Co., Ltd., (Jiangxi AIWAYS), whose contribution to the former's registered capital amounting to 33.33%. Thus, it can be noted that Jiangxi Yiwei is in essence AIWAYS's production base located in Shangrao. The tenancy contract mentioned above may suggest that Jiangling Motors Holding's Shangrao branch has rented AIWAYS's production facilities, namely, Jiangxi AIWAYS has been endowed with the qualification to produce all-electric PVs for Jiangling Motors.
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