MIIT:30 automakers fail to make NEVs for 12 months or more
2018-09-05 09:22:07
The equipment industry development center of the Ministry of the Industry and Information Technology recently released the notice on the publicity of several new energy vehicle (NEV) makers on Sept. 3. According to the notice, the equipment industry development center plans to submit a list of NEV makers that have stopped producing NEV products for 12 months or more to the MIIT. Famous companies like Brilliance Auto and Cowin Auto, joint ventures like Changan PSA, Changan Suzuki and GAC Hongda, are included at the list. The publicity period will last one week from Sept. 3 to Sept. 9. If there happened any objections during the period, written opinion feedback can be submitted to the equipment industry development center of the MIIT. In the meantime, if the 30 automakers are incapable of supplementing relevant data before Sept. 9, these automakers will be specially publicized by the MIIT. What's more, the automakers that are specially publicized by the MIIT need to pass the MIIT's access examination to manufacture vehicles once again. If these automakers can't keep the standard of examination requirements, their manufacturing certificate will be withdrew by the MIIT.
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