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Weekly News on Hotspot(September 3, 2021)
2021-09-03 14:38:06
NEV Industry
Ora takes the cobalt-free lithium battery model as “Cherry Cat”
Recently, the new SUV model under the Ora brand was formally named “Cherry Cat”. The car is positioned as a compact SUV and offers two different versions of two-wheel drive and four-wheel drive. It is equipped with cobalt-free lithium battery packs provided by Great Wall Motor's Honeycomb Energy Technology Co., Ltd. The long-range version has a cruising range of 600km.
Changan released a new development strategy and a variety of new technologies
On August 23, Changan Automobile released new development strategies and new technologies, and formulated six strategic deployments in terms of brand architecture, new platforms, new products, new marketing, and new ecology. By 2025, Changan brand sales will reach 3 million units, and the sales of new energy vehicles will account for 35%; by 2030, sales will reach 4.5 million units, sales of new energy vehicles will account for 60%, and overseas sales will account for 30%.
Tesla's Shanghai plant produces 1,000 Model Y a day
According to reports, Tesla carried out a four-day suspension of overhaul and upgrade of the production line of the Shanghai plant in last week, and the daily production capacity of Model Y has reached 1,000 . According to Tesla’s earlier program, the output of the Shanghai plant in the third quarter is mainly for export.
Toyota will produce fuel cell modules in the U.S.A in 2023
According to reports, Toyota North America will begin producing large-scale "integrated dual fuel cell modules" at its assembly plant in Georgetown, Kentucky in 2023. These modules will power Toyota's 8-class semi-trailer tractor. The Kentucky plant is also responsible for the production of Toyota Camry and Lexus ES 350 models.
Kia will launch more electric vehicle models for Europe and USA markets
The head of Kia Europe's products said that the brand will launch a variety of electric vehicles. It includes a large SUV for the US market and a model developed for the European market. European models, or named EV4, will compete with Volvo C40 or Mercedes-Benz EQA, and another large SUV is expected to be called EV7 or EV8.
ICV Industry
Changan Science and Technology Day-Release of high-end smart new energy brands, and all five state-owned enterprises enter the high-end smart new energy vehicle market
On August 24, at the "2021 Changan Automobile Technology Ecological Conference", Changan officially released the smart new energy high-end brand "Avitar" jointly created with Huawei and CATL. At the same time, it announced the trend of two technologies of smart cockpit and smart parking. Changan's intelligent technology application ideas are clearer.
Changan Science and Technology Day-Announce the development direction of smart cockpit and smart parking technology
In addition to new brand trends, Changan has also programmed the development of smart cockpit and automatic parking technology. But overall, the cockpit program is still mainly in the concept stage, and there is no specific technical direction yet, and the automatic parking system has a clear application program.
Baidu releases car robots and launches the "Carrot Run" platform to accelerate the large-scale commercial operation of autonomous driving
At Baidu World Congress 2021, Baidu released car robots, launched a brand-new unmanned car mobility service platform-"Carrot Run", and announced the future direction of Jidu car technology to accelerate the large-scale commercial operation of autonomous driving.
Tesla AI Day releases the latest technological achievements such as pure vision autopilot system, D1 chip, and Dojo supercomputer
On August 20, Tesla released its pure vision solution FSD and the new self-developed D1 chip and the progress of the Dojo supercomputer on AI Day. The latter will be used to support the implementation of the pure vision route. At this point, Tesla has further clarified the pure visual autopilot route and the development path of self-researched core computing power products.
Nezha and Huawei starts full cooperation in the field of intelligent connection
On August 25, it was learned from official announcement that HOZON New Energy Automobile Co., Ltd. and Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd. signed a comprehensive cooperation agreement. It is understood that this time the two parties are mainly cooperating in areas such as intelligent connection, in-vehicle computing, and intelligent driving. In addition, Nezha S, which will be launched in next year, will carry the new results of the cooperation between the two parties.
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