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Weekly News on Hotspot(July 23, 2021)
2021-07-23 09:01:09

NEV Industry

Deliveries of new auto manufacturers in June
Recently, NIO, XPENG, and Lixiang etc. announced their deliveries of new cars in June, with monthly growth rates of 116.1%, 617%, and 320.6% respectively. All these manufacturers maintained the relatively rapid growth momentum.
Leap Motor will launch range-extended models in 2024
Recently, LeapMotor held a partner conference and announced its product program and layout. As of early 2025, in addition to existing car and SUV models, the company will also launch a number of new car and SUV models. In terms of power systems, in addition to consolidating the existing pure electric drive technology, it will also launch extended-range products with longer ranges.
Huoliang released pure electric range-extended vehicles
A few days ago, Shanghai Huoliang New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. released the battery swapping electric vehicle model at at the EVS34 electric vehicle exhibition. It is called the fourth type of electric vehicle, namely pure electric extended-range electric vehicles. 
Renault released its new strategy for electrification 
On June 30, Renault Group announced the “eWays ElectroPop” program: Starting from the vehicle layout, battery system R&D and supporting, and power system improvement, the elecCtric transformation will be conducted. By 2025, the sales of pure electric and electrified models will account for more than 65% of the total.By 2030, the sales of electric products will account for 90%.
Model Y range-extended models is launched 
On July 8, the Tesla Model Y standard range version started  pre-orders in China, with a starting price of Rmb 276,000 yuan and a range of 525km. It is Rmb 25,100 yuan higher than the Model 3 standard range version and Rmb 71,900 yuan lower than the Model Y long range version.
ICV Industry
VW ID series electric vehicles conduct OTA upgrade
On July 5, Volkswagen announced that it would carry out the first OTA upgrade on the ID range models, and released the upgraded models and functions. This upgrade is mainly for overseas markets.
Volvo announces its direction of the development of ICV technology
Volvo had announced its direction of future development of intelligent connected vehicle technology and new cooperation contents with partners, focusing on improving self-research capabilities, speed and upgrading intelligent function.
Freetech completes the funds raising of more than USD 100 million to accelerate mass production
On July 5, Freetech, an intelligent driving solution service provider and product supplier, announced the completion of the A round financing of over USD 100 million( led by the China Internet Investment Fund. This financing will comprehensively promote the acceleration of its mass-production high-level autonomous driving strategy.
AutoX released the 5th gen of self-driving system
On July 6, the self-driving company AutoX released its fifth-generation fully self-driving system (AutoX Gen5). Its core computing platform, AutoX XCU, has a computing power of 2200 TOPS and can support L4/L5 level self-driving.
ZF introduces ADAS.ai based on data and artificial intelligence, with reduced development time and costs of up to 20%
On July 1, ZF stated that it is introducing a new set of data and artificial intelligence-based extensible components(ADAS.ai.) for advanced assisted driving virtual engineering and digital verification. ADAS.ai can help automakers accelerate the development of advanced driver assistance systems, and can also be applied to advanced driver assistance systems developed by ZF and other suppliers.
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