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Weekly News on Hottopics(June 11,2021)
2021-06-11 10:50:10

NEV Industry

The delivery volumes of new auto manufacturers in May 
Recently, Nio, XPENG, and Nezha announced the delivery status of new vehicles in May, with  growth rates of 95.3%, 483%, and 551% respectively comparing with those of the same period of previous year. They all maintained the relatively high growth momentum.
GAC Aion will start mass production of low wind resistance concept cars
It is reported that GAC Aion will start mass production of the low-wind-resistance concept car (END.146). As the “Global lowest wind resistance electric passenger car independently developed by the GAC Research Institute, the car made its debut at the 2019 Guangzhou Auto Show. It uses a six-seater layout of “2+1+2+1” with a wind resistance coefficient of 0.146. The mass production of the mode will start in June 2021. If it can be mass-produced and put on the market, it will reduce the energy consumption of pure electric vehicles during high-speed driving.
The design and selection of Jidu Automobile has been completed, and the price may exceed Rmb 200,000 yuan
On June 2, the senior management of Jidu Automobile revealed that the operation team has been fully built, and the design selection has been basically determined. It is currently entering the stage of plastocene model and 3D modeling. The first car will be unveiled at the 2022 Beijing Auto Show and will be priced at more than Rmb 200,000 yuan.
The BMW Group released the innovative BMW iX and the innovative BMW i4 online to strengthen its electrification layout
On June 2, the BMW Group released the innovative BMW iX and the innovative BMW i4 online. Of which, BMW's new iX will be launched within this year, and two models will be launched at the time of launching, namely iX xDrive40 and iX xDrive50. In addition, BMW iX will launch the iX M60 model in 2022.
Lixiang acquired Beijing Hyundai’s plant in Shunyi with Rmb 6 billion
It was reported on May 28 that Lixiang will invest Rmb 6 billion yuan to take over Beijing Hyundai's No.1 plant in Shunyi. The problem of overcapacity in traditional auto companies has become increasingly prominent, and new automakers need to improve their own production capabilities. To increasing production capacity is a necessary step, and the similar acquisitions will continue to take place.
ICV Industry
GAC made strategic investments in Didi autonomous driving 
On May 3, GAC and Didi made a strategic investment of more than USD 300 million in Didi on the basis of the previous cooperation to develop autopilot models. The cooperation between the two parties has been further deepened.
XPENG conducted test on new OTA and added VPA
A few days ago, XPEG had started the test on Xmart OS 2.6.0 OTA, added a VPA parking lot memory parking function, and optimized the NGP automatic navigation assisted driving and full voice vehicle system.
VW developed the UX model with innovation in cockpit functions 
On May 27, Volkswagen launched the UX car model. The focus of this release is on the innovation of the cockpit. Volkswagen hopes to build it into a living space where functions can be arranged at will.
Ford releases the strategic focuses in future
On May 26, Ford Motor Co., Ltd. elaborated its Ford+ development program, describing the company’s customer-centered strategic intentions and actions to be taken. Of which, the application of intelligent connection technology was used to strengthen the connection with customers as the important means for the development and its development direction has been programmed.
Novauto releases the new high-level autonomous driving computing platform
On May 25, Novauto released the NOVA30P. It is a new generation high-level autopilot on-board computing platform and will be supplied in batches in July this year.
Apple releases the V2V
On May 28, the US Patent & Trademark Office announced a patent related to Apple’s Titan project, involving the V2V communication system for autonomous driving vehicles.
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