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Weekly News on Hottopics (May21,2020)
2021-05-21 11:12:03
NEV Industry

SAIC innovates business models to improve use rate of batteries

On May 12, SAIC introduced its innovative business model in a conference speech, aiming to fully tap the use value of the battery life cycle, reduce procurement costs through the separation of vehicles and electricity, and increase the residual value of second-hand vehicles by providing battery upgrade opportunities.

Great Wall Holding/Sinopec to jointly achieve carbon neutral 

On May 12, Great Wall Holding and Sinopec formally signed a hydrogen energy strategic cooperation framework agreement. The two parties will work together to promote the demonstration of hydrogen fuel cell vehicles and the construction of hydrogen refueling stations or oil-hydrogen combined stations to jointly create integrated application scenarios for stations.

GAC released the world's first shared private charging platform provided by auto enterprise

On May 12, GAC Aion launched the shared private charging platform under auto brand to provide new energy car owners a more convenient and economical charging option. At the same time, it also allows private pile owners to use idle time to increase revenue and fully optimize grid resources to improve the utilization rate of charging facilities.

Geely Holdings established NEV company

On May 11, Sichuan Yinglun New Energy Automobile Technology Co., Ltd., a wholly-owned subsidiary by Zhejiang Geely Holding Group Co., Ltd., was established with a registered capital of approximately Rmb 433.67 million yuan. Its business scope includes research and development of auto parts, manufacturing of auto parts and accessories, and new energy equipment, and sales of new energy power equipment etc..

Ford will achieve the electrification in Europe before 2030

According to foreign media reports, by 2030, Ford's European product lines will abandon cars and SUVs that use gasoline and diesel engines. The demand for electric vehicles throughout Europe is stronger than expected.

ICV Industry

Chang’an will invest Rmb 150 billion for R&D in coming 5 years

On May 10, Zhu Huarong, Chairman of Changan Automobile, announced Changan's R&D investment program for the next five years and the product program for joint vehicle manufacturing with Huawei.

VW group announced its programs for developing autonomous driving technologies

The Volkswagen Group announced a functional development program in the field of highly automated and self-driving cars. Volkswagen's thinking on the development of autonomous driving functions is clearer. Audi is expected to remain the priority carrier for high-level autonomous driving, and the Volkswagen brand will still focus on the development of functions below L3.

Baidu self-driving vehicle program: To develop 3,000 self-driving cars

On May 2, Baidu Apollo officially opened the unmanned Robotaxi service to the public in Beijing Shougang Park. There is no driver or safety officer in the driving seat, and paid service is provided.

Horizon Journey 5 chips had been launched to accelerate the pace of applications of high-level autonomous driving in home

On May 9, Horizon ai. announced that its third-generation vehicular product (Journey 5 series chips) had been successfully launched ahead of the schedule. The product is mainly launched for L4 autonomous driving. Currently, Horizon ai. has established cooperative relations with domestic companies. It is expected that Journey 5 will be more beneficial to existing cooperative companies and obtain the possibility of preferential application.

Pony.ai and Luminar will jointly build integrated autonomous driving system platform

Recently, Pony.ai and Luminar announced a cooperation process to jointly build an integrated autonomous driving system platform.
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