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Weekly News on Hottopics(May 9, 2021)
2021-05-13 09:22:40

NEV Industry

Honda announces its medium and long-term strategic goals for electrification to become the pure electric vehicle manufacturer by 2040

On April 3, Honda’s new president announced Honda’s future electrification development policy,. He revealed that the brand will achieve the goal of fully electrifying its cars in 2040, and only supply pure electric and hydrogen fuel cell products. Comparing with other auto companies,  they did not clearly propose a comprehensive electrification transformation program but had also accelerated the electrification strategy. In the next 5 or 10 years, it will vigorously launch pure electric models.

Changan releases its product program

It is reported that Changan will launch 26 pure electric models in the next five years. Of which, the internal codes of the first two models are E11 and C385. They are intelligent models. It is expected to be launched before the end of the year.

XPENG will build charging piles in small cities 

XPENG has its own exclusive charging network and system. In 2021, XPENG will deploy the charging networks in all prefecture-level cities across the country and dozens of developed county-level cities.

Skyworth Automobile releases “1-3-3-3” target

On March 26, Skywell and Skyworth Group signed a trademark transfer agreement. After the trademark transfer was completed, "Skyworth Auto" will became a smart car brand under Skywell New Energy Automobile Group. On April 27, Skywell New Energy Automobile Group officially released the "Skywell Automobile" brand and proposed the "1-3-3-3" goal.

Nezha Auto announced to start D round financing 

On April 26, Nezha Automobile announced the launch of a D round of financing with a financing amount of about Rmb 3 billion yuan. The Internet security leader company "360" strategy led this round of financing. After all the investment is completed, 360 is expected to become Nezha Automobile’s second major shareholder.

ICV Industry

FAW and GMICRO have established a joint auto chip laboratory

On April 27, China FAW R&D Institute and GMICRO signed the agreement for building a joint lab for auto chips. The "Auto Chip Joint Laboratory" will carry out the research and development, design and application of automotive-related core chips.

Audi announced its path for the development of autonomous driving in China 

Michael Hofmann, Executive Vice President of R&D at Audi China, hinted in an interview that Audi might cooperate with Huawei in an autonomous driving project to equip localized products with Huawei's ADS system. At the same time, the company also announced Audi's autonomous driving development program in China.

Huawei Hongmeng teamed up with Ximalaya to develop an vehicular app

A few days ago, based on the release of new HarmonyOS smart cockpit products, Huawei customized with Ximalaya to develop an in-vehicle version of the application that can be combined with Harmony OS.

ZF will locally produce long-range imaging radar for SAIC in China

ZF recently announced that it has received a production order for long-range imaging radars from SAIC. The ZF long-range imaging radar can perceive the surrounding environment of the vehicle in four dimensions including height, making it functionally similar to optical sensors such as cameras and lidars.

Continental has increased its investment in autonomous driving in China

Recently, Continental Group announced two decisions in the field of autonomous driving. One is to establish a joint venture with Horizon.ai. The other is to increase operations in China and continue to increase investment. It will establish a software and system R&D center in China to fully strengthen its presence and the layout of autonomous driving in China.
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