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Weekly News on Hottopics(April 30, 2021)
2021-04-30 13:32:00

NEV Industry

GAC released Neutron Star Strategy and ADiGO 4.0 Intelligent Connected System

On the eve of the Shanghai Auto Show, GAC Group announced its GAC’s power battery technology strategy “Neutron Star Strategy” on the 2021 GAC Technology Day. In the future, it will advance its technology from three aspects:Battery cells, BMS systems, and battery packs. The ADiGO 4.0 upgrade mainly focuses on two aspects: intelligent IoT and autonomous driving.

GAC Group releases "GLASS Green Net Program" and releases Hybrid Technology Platform “Green Engine Technology”

On April 19, GAC Group held a press conference at the Shanghai Auto Show. The press conference released a number of good news, including the "GLASS Green Clean Plan" to help the country achieve the "Two carbon" goals, new technologies and new products based on the new four targets. Of which, GAC Research Institute released the result of "Julang Power" brand upgrade-hybrid power "Green Engine Technology".

ARFOX released its global development strategy

On April 19, at the 2021 Shanghai Auto Show, ARCFOX officially released its international development strategy. First, it plans to cover the mainstream European market, and then it will serve the entire region and build a charging network without dead ends. At the same time, the official announced its global product matrix.

Nio releases its Power North program

On April 19, NIO announced the Power North program on the 2021 Shanghai Auto Show Media Day. The program is aimed at optimizing the layout of charging resources and preferential charging policies in the eight northern provinces.

Leap Motor released the LIMES brand strategy to enter into the middle and high-end intelligent luxury pure electric car market

On April 19, Leap Motor released its new brand strategy "LIMES" (Leap Intelligent Movement Eco-Society), and the "Intelligent Movement Eco-Society" was formally released.At the same time, Leap Motor also announced the C01 design sketch to enter the middle and high-end intelligent luxury pure electric car market. 

ICV Industry

Renault establishes software company for intelligent mobility 

Renault has cooperated with a number of electronics and technology companies to establish a software company called Software République. The new company is committed to providing electric vehicles with a smarter and more convenient mobility experience to promote the advancement of smart mobility.

Lixiang will provide assist driving software and hardware free of c charges in the future

Lixiang said: In the future, all models of its assisted driving and autonomous driving will be fully equipped as standard equipment, including software, data services, map services, computing power hardware, and sensors etc..

Huawei releases intelligent components such as AR-HUD and 4D imaging radar

In addition to the formal debut of the HI smart car solution at this auto show, Huawei also released a series of smart components, mainly for the entire vehicle smart cockpit and key components for advanced smart driving functions.

Baidu's Apollo intelligent solution is fully unveiled, and the landing plan is released

Baidu's Apollo intelligent solution can provide customized solutions according to the intelligent mass production needs of different levels of auto companies. This release focuses on intelligent driving and intelligent cloud functions.

DJI launches solutions for intelligent driving in three scenes 

DJI launched smart driving solutions this time. It focuses on L2+~L3 smart driving functions and parking functions. The mass-produced models may be launched within this year.

Black Sesame Intelligence releases three new products, upgrades chip computing power, and expands vehicle-road collaborative scenario computing platform

Black Sesame Intelligence mainly released three new products at the Shanghai Auto Show: A1000 Pro, a high computing power autonomous driving chip, Shanhai artificial intelligence development platform, and FAD Edge (a roadside perception computing platform for vehicle-road collaboration). It mainly reflects its improvement in chip computing power and expansion of IVICS. 

SEMDRIVE releases 4 new models

At this year's auto show, SEMDRIVE released four vehicular processor chips: X9U, V9T, G9Q/G9V, and comprehensively upgraded the previous products.
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