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Weekly News on Hotspots (March 13,2021)
2021-03-15 14:21:16

Development Environment

Ministry of Ecology and Environment: To further improve air quality and reduce emissions from automobile pollution will be a key task during the "14th Five-Year Plan" period
On February 25, Liu Bingjiang, Director of the Department of Atmospheric Environment of the Ministry of Ecology and Environment, stated that various regions and departments have thoroughly implemented the “Three-Year Action Plan for Winning the Blue Sky Defense War”, improved policies and measures, and completed various governance tasks in an all-round way. The overall goals and quantitative targets proposed in the 13th “Five-Year Plan" have successfully fulfilled.

Notice of the Ministry of Transport on Issuing the “Outline for the Medium and Long-term Development of Rural Highways”

The "Outline for the Medium and Long-term Development of Rural Roads" requires that a rural road transportation system with Reasonable scale and structure, high-quality facilities, effective governance, and high-quality transportation services" will be formed by 2035, and the pattern for the development of Four Good Rural Roads will be basically formed.

Ministry of Transport: Achieve one-hour commuting in urban areas by 2035

On March 1, the State Council held a press conference to introduce the implementation of the "National Comprehensive Three-dimensional Transportation Network Planning Outline" and the acceleration of the construction of a powerhouse with strong transportation power country. The Ministry of Transport proposed that China will achieve international and domestic interconnection in 2035, covering the major cities across the country and county-level nodes.

MIIT: The development of new energy vehicles is still in a critical period 

On March 1, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology expressed thatto develop new energy vehicles is an important direction for the green development of global automotive industry and its transformation and upgrading. It also a strategic choice of Chinese automotive industry. China’s new energy vehicle production and sales had ranked the first in world for 6 consecutive years. The total promotion had exceeded 5.5 million units.  
National Bureau of Statistics: The total private cars in use increased 9.73 million units in 2020

As of the end of 2020, the number of private cars in use was 243.93 million units, an increase of 17.58 million units. The number of civilian cars in use was 156.4 million units, an increase of 9.96 million units. Of which, the number of private cars was 146.74 million units, an increase of 9.73 million units.

NEV Industry

Zhaoqing starts to support the development of new energy vehicles and the parts and components 

Zhaoqing Municipal Government has issued the Implementation Program for Promoting the High-quality Development of Manufacturing Industry in Zhaoqing to further deepen the "4+4" manufacturing development pattern and accelerate the development of a core new energy vehicles and parts industry clusters with competitive and distinctive advantages to promote the high-quality development of manufacturing.

Hainan issues relevant policies to promote the construction of charging and swapping facilities

On March 2, the Hainan Provincial Development and Reform Commission issued a notice on completing the construction of electric vehicle charging infrastructure in 2021. The notice mentioned that as of the end of 2020, the province has built a total of 916 charging stations, 12 battery swapping stations (255 batteries), and a total of 26,402 charging piles (guns). The overall vehicle pile ratio is 2.4:1. It is better than the national average level.

Shanghai: To grasp more market shares in new energy vehicle and intelligent connected vehicle markets

On March 2, Shanghai announced to seize more market shares in the new energy and smart connected vehicle markets, and strive to produce more than 1.2 million new energy vehicles by 2025, with an output value of more than 350 billion yuan.

Luoyang will accelerate the building of parking facilities and charging piles

The “Three-year Action Program for the Urban Construction Quality Improvement Project in Luoyang City” has been approved at  and formally issued. Of which, the construction of parking facilities and charging piles will be accelerated, the"Luoyang Urban Parking"smart management platform will be improved.The city will build 200new parking lots and 45,000 new parking spaces in the central urban areas.

Tianjin: To build 2,000 public charging piles in residential areas

In February, the Tianjin Municipal Government announced the implementation of the "Tianjin 20 People's Sentiment Projects in 2021". It proposed the construction of public charging facilities. New energy vehicle charging facilities will be added, and 2,000 public charging piles will be built in residential communities.

XPENG P7 lithium iron phosphate version may be released on March 3

On March 3, XPENG announced the launch of the XPENG P7 rear-drive standard range models. The range includes two models, and they both use lithium iron phosphate batteries and have a comprehensive cruising range of 480km. The sales of the new car will start today, and the estimated delivery time is May 2021.

The pure electric Audi A4 and A6 cars will be launched in 2030

According to reports, Audi will convert the Audi A4 and Audi A6 into pure electric models in the future. However, the program will be implemented 2030, and the internal combustion engine will be completely abandoned.

Volvo will fully achieve electrification in 2030

Volvo officials stated that it will achieve full electrification in 2030. It will only sell pure electric vehicles and phase out all models that use internal combustion engines in its global product portfolio, including hybrids.

Nio announced its revenue in 2020 and will increase investments in R&D and service

Recently, Nio had formally released its financial results for the fourth quarter and full year of 2020. According to public information, Nio’s annual revenue in 2020 was Rmb 16.26 billion yuan, an increase of 46.7% from the previous quarter. Of which, the fourth quarter revenue reached Rmb 6.64 billion yuan. In addition, the gross profit margin of new cars is also increasing steadily, reaching 17.2%.

JAC and Nio will build the JV to produce Jianglai brand cars 

Recently, Anhui Jianghuai Automobile Group Co., Ltd. and Nio (Anhui)Holding Co., Ltd. formally signed a letter of intent for building a joint venture, and the two parties will establish Jianglai Advanced Manufacturing Technology (Anhui) Co., Ltd. as a joint venture.

Hyundai will start to build production base for hydrogen fuel cells in Guangzhou in next year

The construction of Hyundai Motor Group's first overseas hydrogen fuel cell system production and sales base "HTWO Guangzhou" has begun, and it is programmed to be completed in the second half of 2022, with an annual production capacity of 6,500 hydrogen fuel cell systems.

ICV Industry

JAC and Nio will build JV in Hefei 

On March 4, JAC formally announced that it will further deepen cooperation in advanced manufacturing, service management, and supply chain with Nio in the field of intelligent connected new energy vehicles. The two parties intend to establish a joint venture in Hefei, China.

Honda L3 Legend will make its debut on May 5

On March 4, Honda announced that it will release the "Legend" car equipped with L3 autonomous driving technology on the May 5,2021. According to the introduction, the L3 Legend car can be operated by the system at the highway during congestion, and the driver does not need to look ahead. It is said that this is the world's first L3 self-driving car to be put on market.

ID.BUZZ will be tested soon and put on market in 2025

According to foreign media reports, Volkswagen will test the ID. BUZZ electric vehicle autonomous driving technology in Germany in the near future. Volkswagen plans to mass-produce ID. BUZZ models with autonomous driving technology by 2025, allowing people to call autonomous vehicles for travel at any time.
Horizon ai. starts cooperation with BYD in intelligent driving 

BYD and Diping have signed a strategic cooperation. The two parties will accelerate the breakthrough and deployment of cutting-edge technologies for intelligent driving, and
accelerate the development and mass production of intelligent vehicles.

The first model jointly developed by BAIC BluePark and Huawei will be unveiled at the Shanghai Auto Show with 3 Lidars

The first model (ARCFOX αS HBT)jointly developed by BAIC BluePark and Huawei will be launched at the Shanghai Auto Show in April this year. The new model will use Huawei's most advanced Lidar solution. It will also be equipped with 6 millimeter wave radars, 12 cameras, 13 ultrasonic radars, and a Huawei chip with a computing power of up to 352Tops, forming an autonomous driving solution above the L3 or above autonomous driving.

Chang’an’s APA6.6 remote intelligent parking technology makes its global debut

On March 1, the president of Chang’an Automobile drove the UNI-K, and successfully completed a series of parking operations such as vertical, parallel, and oblique rows through the operation of the staff 18 kilometers away from the live broadcast venue. It demonstrates the APA6.0 remote intelligent parking technology. The mobile terminal realizes the ability to remotely monitor parking.


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