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Weekly News on Hottopics (February 26,2020)
2021-02-26 17:21:58
Development Environment 

Ministry of Ecology and Environment: To further improve the air quality 

On February 25, Liu Bingjiang, Director of the Department of Atmospheric Environment of the Ministry of Ecology and Environment, stated that in recent years, various regions and departments have thoroughly implemented the "Three-year Action Plan for Winning the Blue Sky Defense", improved policies and measures, and completed various governance tasks in a comprehensive way. The overall goals and quantitative targets proposed in the 13th “Five-Year Plan" have been fulfilled successfully.

To improve the construction of infrastructure in rural areas 

On February 24, Ministry of Commerce stated that by 2025, every county will have a chain of supermarkets and logistics distribution centers, the townships must have commercial centers, and every village must have express delivery services, and China will work hard to improve the construction of infrastructure.

The State Council issued the "Guiding Opinions on Accelerating the Establishment of a Green and Low-Carbon Circular Development Economic System"

On February 22, the State Council issued the "Guiding Opinions on Accelerating the Establishment and Improvement of a Green and Low-Carbon Cyclic Development Economic System". It propose that the establishment and improvement of a green and low-carbon recycling economic system to promote a comprehensive green transformation of economic and social development is a solution to China’s resource and environmental ecology. 

Announcement of the Ministry of Transport on Issuing the “Technology Requirements for Connecting of Road Transport Vehicle Inspection and Testing Information Systems”

In order to earnestly implement the State Council’s decision and deployment of the "Three Inspections in One" reform of road freight vehicles, promote the implementation of the relevant requirements of the "Notice of the General Office of the Ministry of Transport on Optimizing the Technology Management of Road Transport Vehicles to facilitate the Development of Vehicle Technology Grade Evaluation", and further regulate road transport for the network connecting of vehicle inspection and testing information systems, the Ministry of Transport has formulated and issued the "Technology Requirements for Networking Connecting of Road Transport Vehicle Inspection and Testing Information Systems."

China's electric vehicles sales has been accelerated in the European market in 2020, the market share reached 3.3%

In 2020, the total sales of Chinese electric passenger vehicles in 18 major European auto markets reached 23,836 units, an increase of more than 13 times comparing with that of the same period in 2019, and the market share reached 3.3%. It indicates that Chinese electric vehicles are ushering in the rapid development in European market.

NEV Industry

Hangzhou will issue program for introducing clean fuel vehicles

The “Three-year Action Program for Clean Motor Vehicles in Key Fields in Hangzhou (2021-2023)” was released, aiming to promote the use of new energy vehicles in key areas of built-up areas or the use of new energy vehicles or clean energy vehicles that meet the requirements of the National Stage- VI emission standard. The program will be implemented from March 1, 2021.

Shanghai Municipal Government issued the “Shanghai Municipality's Implementation Program for Accelerating the Development of the New Energy Vehicle Industry (2021-2025)”

《The program emphasizes that in accordance with the requirements of “Coordinating independent innovation and open cooperation, coordinating the promotion of applications and facilities, coordinating production development and recycling, coordinating government support and enterprise investment”, the government encourages the enterprises to realize breakthroughs in the core technology of the new energy vehicle industry, create a complete industrial ecology, accelerate the demonstration and application of new technologies, and improve the supporting facilities of urban infrastructure and the institutional system. The overall goal of the city's new energy vehicle industry development during the 14th “Five-Year Plan" period has been clarified, and several key tasks have been proposed.

Hainan: Ensure that the province’s new energy vehicles account for more than 5% of total vehicle ownership by the end of 2021

On February 23, the General Office of the Hainan Provincial People's Government issued the “Hainan Province Clean Energy Vehicle Promotion 2021 Action Program”. In 2021, the province will promote 25,000 new energy vehicles. It is emphasized that, in addition to special-purpose vehicles, 100% of the new and replaced official vehicles used by party and government agencies, state-owned enterprises and institutions at all levels in the province should be new energy vehicles, to explore rental model to replace purchase in the use of the new energy vehicles, and strive to gradually increase the proportion of new energy vehicles in the province's official vehicles by the end of 2021.

The implementation program for building intelligent manufacturing cooperation zone was released to accelerate the deployment of hydrogen refueling station

On February 22, the “Implementation Program for the Construction of Guangzhou Intelligent Manufacturing Cooperation Zone” was issued. It includes the high-standard construction of key projects such as the Beijing-Guangzhou Collaborative Innovation Center, the Hydrogen Energy Innovation Center, and the new infrastructure industrial park etc. to create a diversified and highly dynamic industrial park and a series of industry development platforms.

Hunan: The total number of charging facilities in the province will reach 400,000 units by 202

The “Implementation Opinions on Accelerating the Construction of Electric Vehicle Charging (Swapping) Infrastructure” was released on February 9. It clarifies that a charging facility system will be basically completed. By the end of 2025, the number of charging facilities in the province will reach 400,000 units to meet the needs of the electric vehicles used in the province and the electric vehicle passing across the province.

Geely may build new plant for EV in Hefei 

Geely will build its new EV plant in Hefei city. The new plant will responsible for development and the marketing of models based on SEA's intelligent evolution experience architecture and the the existing Lynk & Co and Geometry brand electric vehicles.

Ford will develop EV platform

On February 24, the CEO of Ford Motor Co. called on the U.S. government to provide support for the production of batteries for electric vehicles and building of charging infrastructure. In addition, he also introduced the company's program to develop an electric vehicle development platform for its best-selling trucks, vans and SUV models.

The third model of XPENG will be delivered at the fourth quarter 

XPENG's third model is scheduled to be delivered in the fourth quarter of 2021, and the new car may be named Xiaopeng P5. The new car will be equipped with vehicular Lidar and will be positioned as a smart car.

The first batch brand centers of Yudo will open business 

Yudo has set up its first batch of brand center stores in Shanghai and Shenzhen and their businesses will start in March. In addition to providing product display and sales services, it will also carry out a series of activities around the surrounding communities to become a neighborhood-type community brand experience center. 

Hyundai Motor and Pohang Iron and Steel Co. Ltd join forces to deepen cooperation in hydrogen energy business

In February, Hyundai Motor Group and Pohang Iron and Steel signed the “Hydrogen Energy Project Cooperation Agreement.” The two parties reached an agreement on strengthening hydrogen energy business cooperation and building a hydrogen energy industry ecology. Starting from the promotion of hydrogen fuel cell vehicles, the 1,500 vehicles operated by POSCO will be gradually replaced with hydrogen fuel cell vehicles, and hydrogen refueling stations in the plant will be constructed simultaneously to meet the needs of hydrogen fuel.

Kia issued Plan S strategy and will launch 11 electric vehicle models in 6 years 

Kia will achieve an annual sales target of 1.6 million units of environmentally-friendly models such as pure electric vehicles, hybrid vehicles, and plug-in hybrid vehicles in 2030, accounting for 40% of Kia’s total sales. If the goal is achieved, Kia’s global sales of pure electric vehicles will reach 880,000 units in 2030.

ICV Industry

SAIC and Horizon ai. will start cooperation in auto intelligentization

SAIC and Horizon ai have reached a comprehensive strategic cooperation. The two parties will continue to deepen their cooperation with intelligent domain controllers and autonomous driving systems around the intelligentization and connection of automobiles, and establish a joint alliance around Horizon's future high-level self-driving chips. The team will develop chips for autonomous driving/advanced driving assistance systems in the future.

Qingling L3 5G self-driving light truck won the first commercial vehicle self-driving test license in Chongqing

Recently, the L3 5G self-driving logistics vehicle developed by Qingling Motors in cooperation with Chongqing University of Posts and Telecommunications won the first public test license for commercial vehicle self-driving in Chongqing, and obtained the qualification for testing on self-driving public test roads.

Volvo announces the development of anti-motion sickness solutions for autonomous driving 

A few days ago, Volvo announced that it is cooperating with the Pole Position Production to study solutions to prevent passenger motion sickness in autonomous vehicles in the future. The solutions of both parties will use sound as the medium. Volvo's research has two goals, one is to explore whether sound can help reduce motion sickness, and the other is to help people trust self-driving vehicles.

BMW will implement the largest OTA upgrade

BMW has launched the latest version of the BMW iD7 system. This upgrade is the largest wireless OTA upgrade in the history of the BMW Group. BMW will update the on-board software on more than 20 models (about 1 million vehicles) worldwide.

Skoda models use Bosch reverse driving warning system

Bosch has developed a Cloud-based technology that can warn drivers in real time. Skoda, a subsidiary of Volkswagen, is the first enterprise to use it in mass-produced models.

Microsoft provides Cloud connect solutions for Volkswagen

Microsoft will provide Volkswagen with an autonomous driving data Cloud connecting platform service that can independently process the road data collected by the company's future autonomous vehicles and the information exchange between vehicles.

The Geely Auto’s battery swapping layout had been formed 

Lifan Technology Co., Ltd., had been formally established. The new company’s first model will be developed based on Geely Technology Group’s battery-swapping Maple Leaf 80V. On the one hand, Geely Auto revitalized the assets of marginal auto companies through mergers and acquisitions, implemented production line transformation, and rapidly increased the production capacity of its new energy vehicle (Maple Leaf) . On the other hand, relying on the regional layout, it had built a nationwide battery swapping service network and quickly built the battery swapping market.

Geely signed framework agreement for cooperation with FF  

Geely Holding Group had formally signed a framework cooperation agreement with Faraday Future. The two parties will cooperate in the field of technical support and engineering services, and explore the possibility of providing foundry services by the joint venture between Geely and Foxconn.

Volvo Group announced to accelerate the electrification 

On January 28, the Volvo Group of Sweden announced that it would provide sustainable products and service solutions to accelerate the group's electrification development. Volvo Group will establish Volvo Energy Department to strengthen the commercial flow of electric vehicle batteries, provide users with charging infrastructure, increase the reuse rate of second-hand batteries, and reduce environmental pressure.

Hyundai will launch 4 EV models with sales volume rising 60%

On January 26, Hyundai Motor announced that it will launch 4 electric vehicle models this year. Of which, one model will be launched in China and the other one will be put on market in Europe. Although the epidemic has severely hit the demand, driven by strong demand for Kona SUVs, the company aims to sell 160,000 electric vehicles in 2021, increasing by 60% year on year.

Nissan: Main models will be electrified within 10 years 

On January 27, Nissan announced that all its new car products in the company's main markets will be electrified in the early 2030s as part of Nissan's efforts to achieve carbon neutrality in 2050.

Evergrande Auto accelerates the layout

On January 24, Evergrande Auto announced that it will issue 952 million new shares to six investors at a discount of 8% to the average closing price of the previous five trading days to attract a total of 26 billion Hong Kong dollars, aiming to achieve the goal of becoming the world's largest and strongest new energy vehicle group in 3-5 years, Evergrande Auto needs to have a deep layout in the upstream and downstream sectors of the automotive industry, and large-scale investment and financing activities will be more frequent.
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