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Weekly News on Hottopics(January 8,2021)
2021-01-08 14:03:37

Development Environment

Guidance Opinions on promoting the Development and Application of Road Traffic and Autonomous Driving Technology was released

On December 30, the Ministry of Transport issued the Guidance Opinions on Promoting the Development and Application of Road Traffic and Autonomous Driving Technology. It encourages the conditional places to carry out trial operation and commercial services of autonomous driving, such as autonomous driving vehicle sharing, commuting services, and valet parking etc..

Measures on the Use of Motor Vehicle Invoice was released

In order to thoroughly implement the State Councils requirements on the reforms in motor vehicle industry, standardize the use of invoices in the motor vehicle industry, and create a fair and orderly business environment, the State Taxation Administration, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, and the Ministry of Public Security jointly formulated the Measures on the Use of Motor Vehicle Invoices. The measures will be implemented on a trial basis on May 1, 2021 and be formally implemented on July 1, 2021.

General Technology Requirements for Valet Parking System was formally released

The releasing of this standard can fill the gaps in the AVP industry standard in home and realize the compatibility of multiple autonomous valet parking (AVP) schemes. It helps the achievement of AVP of models of different brands in different parking lots.

The 2020 version of Catalogue of industries that encourage the foreign investments was released

The Catalogue of Industries that encourage Foreign Investment (2020 Edition) has been reviewed by the National Development and Reform Commission and the Ministry of Commerce on November 5, 2020 and the Ministry of Commerce, and approved by the State Council. It will be implemented on January 27, 2021.

Measures for Administration of Rental Business Service of Small Passenger Vehicles

The Measures for Administration of Rental Business Service of Small Passenger Vehicles was approved at government meeting on December 9, 2020, and will come into force on April 1, 2021.

The product competitiveness index of the passenger vehicle market in November 2020 was 91.1

In November 2020, the wholesales of passenger vehicles exceeded 2.2 million units, achieving positive growth for four consecutive months comparing with those of the same period last year and prior month this year. Of which, the wholesales and the growth rate of the wholesales volume in November hit the new records in 2020; with the continuous improvement of economic environment in home and the impetus of the incentive policies of the government to promote consumption, the demands of auto market continued to recover; as the end of the year approaches, some dealers begin to conduct promotion to complete their targets, and the discounts increased from last month, resulting in an increase in price strength by 0.3 percentage point from the previous month and an increase in product evaluation by 0.2 percentage point. In general, the overall market product competitiveness increased by 0.1 percentage point from last month.

NEV Industry

The Rules on the Builder (Group) of Charging Infrastructure for New Energy Vehicle in Xinjiang was issued

In December 2020, the Rules and Regulations on the Builder (Group) of Charging Infrastructure for New Energy Vehicle in Xinjiang was released. In view of Xinjiang’s climate conditions, resource allocation, and the current status of infrastructure, it proposed the specific rules and regulations for the builders (groups) of Xinjiang’s new energy vehicle charging infrastructure. The number of new energy vehicles in use in Xinjiang during the 14th Five-Year-Plan period will reach 150,000 units and the number of charging piles will be 30,000 units.  

The New Energy Vehicle After-sales Service Specifications of Hainan Province was issued

On December 25, the Hainan Province issued the New Energy Vehicle After-sales Service Specifications.The new specifications will be implemented on January 15, 2021. It stipulates the requirements for after-sales service operators, after-sales service procedures, after-sales service quality and complaint handling, and emergency rescue services for new energy vehicles. They are clearly applicable to dealers for pure electric vehicles and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (including extended models) in Hainan Province.

Tianjin Municipal Government allocated the first batch of subsidies for new energy vehicles

In December 2020, the Tianjin Municipal Finance Bureau allocated the first batch of subsidies  of Rmb 2.96 million yuan to support the consumption of new energy vehicles in Tianjin. From June to November, the sales of new energy vehicles in Tianjin reached 26,010 units, accounting for 74% of the total sales of 35,279 units during January to November. This drove the sales of new energy vehicles in Tianjin in the first 11 months increase by 37% comparing with that of the same period of last year. Now the total new energy vehicles in use in Tianjin reached 182,300 units.

Notice of Jinan on Applying for Funds from Central Government for Building Charging Infrastructure was issued

In accordance with the requirements in the Notice on Establishment of the Reward Policy for the Construction of Charging Infrastructure for New Energy Vehicles during the 13th Five Year Plan Period and Strengthening the Promotion and Application of New Energy Vehicles (which was issued by four government ministries and commissions) and the requirements of the provincial bureau of energy, Jinan city will start application for the reward funds from central government for the building of charging infrastructure for new energy vehicles based on the actual condition of the city to highlight the problem orientation and give full play of the demonstration and guiding roles of incentive funds.

Notice on further improving the Financial Subsidies to the Promotion and Application of New Energy Vehicles 

On December 31, the 2021 version of subsidy policy for new energy vehicles was released. The subsidy standard will be reduced by 20% on the basis of 2020; in order to promote the electrification of vehicles in public transport and other fields, the qualified vehicles used in urban public transport sector, road passenger transport, taxi service (including ride-hailing cars), environmental sanitation, urban logistics and distribution, postal express, airport, and government department etc., the subsidy standard will be reduced by 10% on the basis of that of 2020.The local governments can continue to subsidize the purchase of new energy buses, with the aim to accelerate the transformation and upgrading of the public transport industry.

NEV Industry

Geely's new company involves sales of new energy vehicles

Chengdu Jiqiao Technology Co., Ltd., a wholly-owned company of Geely Technology Group, was established in December 2020 with a registered capital of Rmb 100,000 yuan. The legal representative of the company is Xu Bing. Its business scope includes engineering technology and experimental wholesales; the sales of new energy vehicles; the research and development of auto parts; and non-residential real estate leasing, etc..

Leap Motor reports its new product program

Leap Motor will launch a total of 5 new models in the next 3 to 5 years, covering SUVs, cars and MPVs. They will be developed based on the Leap Motor C architecture. Leap Motor will also launch its second pure electric SUV model in the first half of 2022. It is expected that the new car will have a higher positioning than Leaper Motor C11.

Changan 's first high-end model is positioned as a medium-sized pure electric SUV 

The first model under the new high-end smart car brand created by Chang’an, Huawei and CATL will be launched in 2021. The new car will be built based on the Ark architecture (or positioned as a medium-sized pure electric SUV), with the internal code name of “E11”.

Toyota will launch the mini pure electric C+pod

Toyota Motor had revealed that the company will launch the two-seat C+pod mini pure electric car in Japan. The car will use the battery pack with power ratings of 9.06kWh and the range will reach 150km at WLTC mode.

BMW will achieve 20% electrification of vehicles by 2023

BMW had revealed that the the group will increase the production of electric vehicles. From 2021 to 2023, BMW will increase the production by 250,000 units than originally program. At the same time, BMW hopes that by 2023, the sales of new energy vehicles will account for 20% of the total sales. The share was about 8% in 2020. 

Jiangling GSE made its debut and the new NEV plant started the production

Jiangling Motor's new new energy vehicle plant in Nanchang formally started the production. It will produce the Jiangling GSE at the early stage. Jiangling GSE is a compact pure electric vehicle model. It uses popular elements such as a closed front face and split headlights. The car is also the first pure electric new model jointly launched by the Jiangling Group and Renault Group.

ICV Industry

Great Wall Motor announced the “331” Coffee Intelligent Driving Strategy

On December 30, Great Wall Motor held a press conference for the upgrade of its intelligent driving strategy. At the same time, Great Wall Motor released the “331” Coffee Intelligent Driving strategy. It means that the company will take three years to achieve the leading in three areas in the industry, i.e. the largest volume of users, the best user experience evaluation, and the largest coverage of scenes.

SAIC GM implemented its ICV strategy

The Buick brand, a subsidiary of SAIC GM, announced the launch of an OTA upgrade of eConnect intelligent interconnection technology. Buick will introduce the eConnect 3.0 intelligent interconnection software service package on it 7 series products(more than 30 models), including GL8, ENCLAVE, Envision S, Encore, Lacrosse, Regal, and Velite 7 etc..

SAIC GM also has set the 5-year program to focus on the applications of advanced intelligent connected technologies on its products, such as autopilot, 5G network, OLED, and HUD (based on AR) etc.. to further explore the huge potentials of the Internet of Vehicles.

Lixiang Auto’s related companies start to apply for autonomous driving related patent

A few days ago, CHJ Automotive, an affiliate of Lixiang Auto, disclosed a patent information on autonomous driving. The name of the patent is "A method and device for generating an autonomous driving simulation scene."

GAC and other 4 enterprises jointly build 5G+AI intelligent demonstration area

A few days ago, the Administration Commission of Guangzhou Nansha Development Zone signed a strategic cooperation agreement with five companies including China Mobile, China Southern Power Grid, GAC, ASK and Chenjing Technology to jointly construct the first "5G+AI" space intelligent demonstration area to promote the integrated development of 5G, artificial intelligence, IoT, space intelligence, intelligent driving and the real economy.





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