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Weekly News on Hotspots(December 11, 2020)
2020-12-11 16:44:14

Development Environment

 Ministry of Commerce: To ensure the healthy and stable development of auto industry from three fields

The Ministry of Commerce will ensure the stable and healthy development of the automobile industry from three aspects: 1. To promote the introduction of relevant policies to promote consumption; 2. To increase the promotion of new energy vehicles; 3.To accelerate the transformation and upgrading of the industrial structure.

Jiangsu issued the Management Methods for the Recycling of Scrapped Motor Vehicles

Many departments of Jiangsu Province have researched and formulated the "Implementation Measures for the Management on the Recycling of Scrapped Motor Vehicles in Jiangsu Province". It is divided into 6 parts and 45 stipulations including General Provisions, Qualification Certification and Management, Recycling and Dismantling Rules, Recycling Rules, Supervision and Management, and Supplementary Provisions. It will be effective on December 1.

Tracking of the recall of the automobiles in home from January to November

From January to November, there were 170 recalls in Chinese automobile industry. And a total of 5.37 million vehicles had been recalled. Comparing with those in the same period last year, the number decreased by 11%. More products of joint ventures had been recalled, but imported vehicles were recalled less due to overseas epidemics. The recall of new energy vehicles have increased rapidly, and there has been no large number of traditional cars recalled.

The demands for imported vehicles in China recovered in October

In October, China imported 95,000 automobiles (including chassis), an increase of 63.8% year-on-year; the total value of imported automobiles reached Rmb 35.26 billion, an increase of 98% year-on-year. The market started to recover. From January to October, a total of 714,000 vehicles (including chassis) had been imported, a year-on-year decrease of 15.0%; the total value of imported vehicles was Rmb 245.79 billion yuan, a year-on-year decrease of 7.0%.

The auto dealer inventory warning index was 60.5% in November

 In November, the auto dealer inventory warning index was 60.5%, an increase of 6.4 percentage points from the previous month and decreasing 2.0 percentage points from that of the same period last year. But it was above the prosperity line. In November, the imports & luxury brand index declined from previous month, while the indexes of mainstream joint ventures and indigenous manufacturers increased comparing with those of the previous month. The luxury brand vehicle market increased strongly, and some models had been in short supply. The joint ventures and indigenous enterprises are increasing production to improve the sales at the end of the year, and the index increased from last month.

The overall trend of passenger vehicle market in 2021 is still optimistic 

 The CAPA predicts that the growth rates of wholesales and retail sales of passenger vehicles will be around -7% in 2020. Taking into account that the uncertainties in 2021 are still large, we are optimistic and cautious about the trend in 2021. It can be judged that the growth rate of the whole sales of passenger cars in 2021 will be 9% and the retail growth rate will be 7%.

NEV Industry

Guangdong: To accelerate the promotion and application of hydrogen fuel cell vehicles especially in Foshan

Guangdong Province will focus on accelerating the promotion and application of hydrogen fuel cell buses in Foshan city, promote the application of hydrogen energy trams, and effectively gather hydrogen energy enterprises and related talents. Within coming 1 to 2 years, Foshan City will put 1,000 hydrogen fuel cell buses into use to get typical experience in the use and maintenance, and form relevant results such as maintenance and safe operation guidelines for hydrogen fuel cell buses

The Opinions of Shanghai Municipality on Promoting the Pilot Work of Transportation Integration in the Yangtze River Delta and the Construction of a Powerful Transportation Country had been approved by the Ministry of Transport. The opinions announced that the government will accelerate the R&D of core technologies of intelligent vehicles such as hydrogen energy, power battery, electronic controllers, positioning and navigation, intelligent control, and machine vision etc., the research of new energy intelligent vehicle models and speed up the promotion of full coverage of intelligent vehicle tests in different scenes.

Hefei starts the pilot of building intelligent charging pile clusters

In 2020, the Hefei Power Supply Company had started the pilot of building the first batch of intelligent charging pile clusters in the province. They can optimally allocate and guide the charging time of citizens. It is convenient and saves money. If the users choose to charge the vehicles at the time period from 10 pm to 7 am, the electricity price is only Rmb 0.3153 yuan/kWh, and it is Rmb 0.28 yuan/kWh lower than that in the normal period.

Lixiang applies for the placing of 47 million ADS shares

Lixiang Motor announced that it will apply for the placing of 47 million ADS shares. Lixiang Motor stated that about 30% of the funds will be used for the research and development of new generation electric vehicle technologies, including high-voltage platforms, high-charge-discharge-rate batteries, and ultra-fast charging technology; about 20% funds will be used for the development of next-generation BEV platforms and future models; about 20% of the funds will be used for the research and development of autonomous driving technologies and solutions; the rest funds will be used for the general business of the company.

Nio surpasses BYD to become China's most valuable auto company

As a representative of new auto enterprise, the share price of Nio has been rising. As of the close of US stocks on November 27, NIO’s share price closed at USD 54, and its total market value rose to USD 72.84 billion (approximately Rmb 479.7 billion), surpassing BYD (Rmb 464.11 billion ) to become China’s most valuable auto company.

ICV Industry 

Guangdong will strive to form the industry chain for Internet of Vehicles within 3 to 5 years

The Implementation Program for the Pilot Project of Building a Powerful Transportation Country in Guangdong had been approved by the Ministry of Transport. The program proposes to strive to achieve significant results in the construction of intelligent facilities within 3 to 5 years, realize the digitalization of the transportation infrastructure in the Greater Bay Area and the Nansha urban area, and get great effects of Intelligent Vehicle Infrastructure Cooperative Systems and system research and development based on ETC, 5G and other technologies. The Vehicle Infrastructure Cooperative Systems shall be basically formed in terms of traffic safety and information services, and the Internet of Vehicles industry chain will taken shape.

Hongqi E-HS9 is formally launched and uses the QUALCOMM C-V2X solution

In December 4, the Hongqi full-size smart pure electric SUV Hongqi E-HS9 was formally launched. This model focused on displaying the latest technology achievements of Hongqi in the fields of electrification and intelligent connecting. Hongqi E-HS9 is equipped with a Quectel communication module with built-in Qualcomm C-V2X (cellular vehicle connecting) chipset, becoming the first mass-produced model equipped with this chipset, and the industry's first mass-produced model in multiple LTE-V2X communication scenes and achieved 100% early warning verification assisting.

PATEO Intelligent Connecting Industry Intelligent Manufacturing Base will be built in Liuzhou

PATEO announced that it will build an intelligent manufacturing base for the intelligent connecting in Liuzhou, Guangxi, and has signed a strategic cooperation agreement with SAIC-GM-Wuling. The base will produce intelligent connecting devices, equipment and products, as well as leading R&D and innovation centers that meet the needs of current and future intelligent connected research and development, verification, and evolution.

Autox had started the autonomous driving test in home

Five months after the approval, Autox, a self-driving auto startup company in China, began to conduct self-driving tests in China. The company will form a fleet of 25 autonomous driving vehicles in Shenzhen, and will deploy 5 autonomous driving vehicles in other cities to test autonomous driving technology.

The sales of chips of Horizon. ai for self-driving had exceeded 100,000

On December 1, Horizon.ai announced that its sales of chips for autonomous driving had exceeded 100,000 units. Its mass-produced vehicular chips can meet the requirements of AEC-Q100 standard and provide 4TOPS with power consumption of only 2W. The processing capacity of each TOPS can reach more than 10 times higher than the capacity of GPU.


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