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Weekly News on Hottopics(September 18,2020)
2020-09-18 16:55:32

Development Environment

Booster for the integrated development of two industries 
The National Development and Reform Commission and other 12 departments jointly issued the Implementation Program for Promoting the Intensive Integration and Innovative Development of the Logistics Industry and Manufacturing Industry. It puts forward 16 policies to promote the integration and innovation of the logistics industry and manufacturing industry, improve the integration level of the logistics industry and manufacturing industry, and optimize the policy environment for integrated development.
Ministry of Ecology and Environment intends to extend the implementation of the list of qualified enterprises meeting the requirements of environment protection
The Ministry of Ecology and Environment has actively promoted the reform of environmental assessment and will further rationally define it into the scope of environmental assessment management. The Ministry of Ecology and Environment is studying to extend the time to implement or expand the scope of the list, and continue to play an active role in helping the  stability and guarantees.
The inventory coefficient of auto dealers in August was 1.50
According to data released by the China Automobile Dealers Association, the comprehensive inventory coefficient of auto dealers in August was 1.50, down 0.7% year-on-year and 21.5% from last month.And the inventory level was at the critical value of the warning line.
The automobile production and sales had kept growths for 5 months
According to data from the CAAM, the production and sales of automobiles in August reached 2.12 million units and 2.19 million units respectively. The production fell by 3.7% from last month and increased by 6.3% comparing with that of the same month of previous year. The sales increased by 3.5% from last month and rose by 11.6% comparing with that of the same period of previous year. From January to August, automobile production and sales were 14.43 million units and 14.55 million units, a year-on-year decrease of 9.6% and 9.7%.
Characteristics of Operation of Passenger Vehicle Market in August
According to data from CPCA, the retail sales of the passenger vehicle market reached 1.70 million units in August, an increase of 8.9% year-on-year; the cumulative growth rate of retail sales from January to August was -15.2%, an increase of 3.3 percentage points from the cumulative growth rate during January to July. It shows the industry's rapid recovery trend.
NEV Industry
Yunnan will build 10,000 public charging piles by in 2020
The Yunnan Energy Bureau issued the Notice on the Construction of Charging Infrastructure during 2020 to 2022. It proposes that Yunnan will build 10,000 public charging piles and 14 battery swapping stations in 2020. It will build 26 battery swapping stations in 2021.
Kunming will accelerate the development and application of new energy vehicle industry
On September 11, Kunming City issued the Kunming City's Several Policies for accelerating the Development and Promotion and Application of New Energy Vehicle Industry (Trial). It includes 10 measures to vigorously advocate green mobility, promote the upgrading of automobile consumption, and accelerate the development of Kunming's new energy vehicle industry.
SAIC releases the first hydrogen strategy in auto industry of China to launch 10 models within 5 years
SAIC has released its hydrogen strategy program. Before 2025, it will launch at least 10 fuel cell vehicle models. Its subsidiary for hydrogen business will also realize a market value of tens of billions. It will establish a fuel cell R&D and operation team with more than 1,000 people and form a the production and sales volume of 10,000 units of fuel cell vehicles. The market share will exceed 10%.。
BAIC and EDF China jointly strengthen the battery swapping business
On September 11, BJEV and EDF China signed an agreement to deepen their strategic cooperation. They will focus on the promotion of new energy vehicles and the application of battery swapping modes. They will start the business in Guangdong Province.
BYTON establishes the new technology company for automobiles
On September 9, Nanjing Shengteng Auto Technology Co., Ltd., a branch company of BYTON, was formally established in Nanjing, with registered capital of Rmb 1.5 billion. It total annual production capacity in Nanjing will be 150,000 units (including 50,000 EQ 320 models).
The second phase construction of power battery center of BMW Brilliance was completed 
The second phase of the BMW Brilliance Power Battery Center was formally completed. It is the second power battery production base of BMW Group for the fifth-generation power batteries. The new power battery system will be used on the BMW iX3 model.
ICV Industry
Beijing will build the world's first high-level autonomous driving demonstration zone
Beijing will build the world’s first high-level autonomous driving demonstration zone. The goal is to support the large-scale operation of high-level autonomous vehicles (above the L4 )and be compatible with the test operation of low-level autonomous vehicles and the realization of Internet of Vehicles application scenarios, and guide enterprises to use the integrated solution of vehicle-road-cloud in collection of technical routes. It aims to change the reality that many companies had to passively choose bicycle intelligence
WM Motor had completed the D-round financing 
WM Motor had completed its D-round financing. The leading investor is SAIC. It is expected to start applying for the listing on Sci-Tech innovation board at the end of September and will be formally listed on Sci-Tech innovation board at early 2021. After the completion of the D-round of financing, WM Motor will try to become the "First share in new energy on the Sci-tech Innovation Board.
Tencent released the AR navigation technology
On September 10, Tencent Smart Travel released AR navigation, TIME ecological program, Tencent Travel Academy and other contents. The above in-vehicle service scenarios require Tencent Super ID, Big data, in-vehicle voice, LBS, and vehicle condition and vehicle control to provide basic technology support to achieve intelligent matching of user interests, vehicle-side scenarios and service applications, and provide personalized services through scene perception.
Huawei establishes an electric technology company to enter the auto market with technology
On September 8, Huawei Electric Technology Co., Ltd. was established with a registered capital of Rmb 250 million yuan. The business scope includes R&D, production, sales and service of auto parts and intelligent systems.
Baidu opens Apollo Go for Robotaxi in Beijing
On September 10, Baidu Apollo announced that it will formally open its autonomous taxi service Apollo Go in Beijing. Beijing’s users can book for experience Robotaxi on Baidu Maps and Apollo's official website. The autopilot manned test area opened in Beijing has a total length of about 700km, covering nearly a hundred stations in Yizhuang, Haidian, and Shunyi's residential areas and the commercial plazas. It has the largest open areas and longest test mileage in the home.
WeRide starts the road test of autonomous driving
WeRide has started the road tests for self-driving vehicles in Guangzhou. The company has  upgraded the sensors that can detect all roads and traffic information within a range of 250 meters and realize the 360-degree coverage for various obstacles around the vehicle.
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