Booster for the integrated development of two industries,the inventory coefficient of auto dealers in August was 1.50
Two provinces stressed again that 400,000 National stage-III compliant vehicles will be eliminated in 2020
C-NCAP Management Rules (2021 Version) was formally issued
The Auto Dealer Inventory Coefficient was 1.91 in July
Catalogue of Industries Encouraging Foreign Investment (2020 Edition) (Draft for Comments) was issued for comments;7 Ministries and Commissions: The Detailed Rules to regulate the Recycling of Scra...
Two Ministries and Commissions: To reduce the Total Traffic Volumes of Cars to improve the Green Mobility Level;The Overall Development of Auto Market in the Second Half of 2020 is improving, and t...
13 ministries issued document to support the healthy development of new business formats and new models;
Shanghai relaxes conditions for registration of pickups;The ex-factory prices for industrial producers in June fell 3.0% year-on-year
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