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China Automotive Information Net (CAIN) is a unique governmental and professional website in China Automotive Industry. It can provide you with the authoritative information, comprehensive resources, in-depth views, timely statistics, forward-looking analysis and high-level reports. CAIN can help you tidy up confusion, acquire expedite communication and search the support of decision-making. The further you know CAIN, the further you will trust it.

The Service of CAIN is as follows

1. Information resource and database services;  
2. Consulting services; 
3. Research on auto circle; 
4. Various kinds of publication;
5. Network technology services. 

When you become a CAIN member, so does everyone in your company! All of you can take advantage of CAIN member benefits!
Discounts –at least 5% discount when you subscribe at least two columns.

What do members get?

You're all included – 

Specific Information –get the latest automotive statistics and related data.

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How to join CAIN?

Method 1

Download and fill in the [Service Agreement]

Resend them via fax, Email, or post to the contact→

Complete the remittance

Appionted Account:



Beneficiary name: China Automotive Technology &   Research Center
BK's name: Bank of China, Tianjin Branch, Tianshan Road Office
BK's Code/Ac No: 268760071608
Swift Code: BKCHCNBJ200
Purpose: Fee of CAIN
户 名:中国汽车技术研究中心
帐 号:12001625000050000290
用 途:服务费

Get the user name and password.

Method 2

If you want to register online, please click here to fill in Registration Form, we will contact you after your submittal.

Please contact us if you have any questions

Contact: Ms. Zhang Jun

Add.: No.68, East Dongli Road, Dongli District, Tianjin, China

Postcode: 300300

Tel.: (+86) 022 8437 9372

Fax: (+86) 022 2437 0547


Ms.Zhang Jun

Tel: 86-22-84379372

Fax: 86-22-84379351


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